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We would all love to get along harmoniously with our family, our friends and our colleagues! Not to mention the bosses! But sometimes try as we may, we cannot be amicable with some people. We complain that our wavelengths don’t match and we are sure they give off “hostile” vibes!

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Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Aquarius Compatibility

So why do we bond famously with some folks and fly at the throat of others? It is because of the relationship our sun signs have with each other! We already know that a chunk of our behavior is the result of our zodiac sign. We may be able to modify our primitive instincts with the civilized tools of tolerance and acceptance, but the fact remains that our gut feeling makes us love some and hate others. This gut feeling is the result of zodiac signs compatibility!

Zodiac Sign Alignment

Some sun signs or zodiac signs are in perfect alignment and are positively attracted to each other. Two people when they have zodiac compatibilities that are harmonious, experience fondness, affection, a willingness to work together and general comfort in each other’s presence. Just like with Ying there is always Yang to balance the cosmos, some sun signs are opposed to each other. People, whose zodiac signs are negatively associated cannot adapt to the ways of each other and in general find the experience of working together unpleasant or unproductive!
Thus the first secret we unveil for you is the compatibility of each sun sign and how it fares in relationships with the others!

Virgo Compatibility (August 24-September 23)

In comes the virginal Virgo, treading in a lady like way, showering those around with little feminine gestures. A Virgo is extremely intelligent and knows the value of a good performance. They dress fastidiously and are critical of their mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. Virgo will sit quiet and contented with the other earth signs and be happy with a Pisces or a Scorpio. Just keep them away from the Sagittarius. A virgin feels that the archer is uncouth. After all who asks a lady her age and also comments about it?

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Aries Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility

Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini Compatibility

Libra Compatibility

Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius Compatibility

Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus Compatibility

Virgo Compatibility

Leo Compatibility












Aquarius Compatibility (January 21 – February 19)

The free flowing creative Aquarius is a water sign. The creative Aquarians get along like a house on fire (just because they are a water sign they don’t pour a pail of cold water on enthusiasm) with the whirlwind Geminis! They are also quite contented in the company of the earthy balanced Libras! The innocent Aries touch a chord in the Aquarius and the association has a strong strain of affection in it.

Aries Compatibility (March 21-April 20)

An Aries is the life of any party! They are pouting, self-centered but quick with their affection and their smiles! They bond with almost all zodiac signs being the baby of the soul community! It is only with the zodiacs possessive Cancer, the determined Capricorn and the argumentative Libra that they do not find hair ruffling friendship and thus associations with these signs is not recommended.

Gemini Compatibility (May 22- June 21)

Are those twins?? No! It is the volatile, fast and mercurial twister of a Gemini! Is there any sign that is more flirtatious? They can sweep you off your feet with élan! Gemini gets along well with zodiac in arms Aries and Libra! Together they can go adventuring and explore the world with no responsibilities! It is no wonder that the conscious Pisces find them a little too shallow and the Virgin Virgo is not impressed by their frenetic nature!

Capricorn Compatibility (December 22-January 20)

The Capricorns are represented by the Goat! A goat is a marvelous creature. Sure footed, deliberate and meditative! That is exactly what the Capris are like! They get along well with all zodiacs because of their well spring of maturity but they feel that Taurus is the sign that understands them the most. The shy and pure Virgos also find them attractive. Maybe the Capricorns stability is a good complement for the virginal Virgo who is reluctant to marry! The only two signs that do not get along with the Capricorn are the fiery Aries and the airy Libra! They are too sudden and footloose and that is not how the goat lives.

Cancer Compatibility (June 22 –July 23)

The Cancer is motherly (well can be fatherly too…no restrictions) and possessive. The animal that is the mascot of this sun sign-The crab should give you a fair idea of the nature of these crustaceans! A Cancer will hold on to something till it loses the claw! It gets on real well with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces as it appreciates the organizer in the Scorpion and the communicator in a Piscean! Both very much needed to be a good leader which is exactly what the Cancer is! Though keep them away from the aggressive Mars influenced Aries, the airy Libra and the implacable Capricorn!

Leo Compatibility (July 24-August 23)

Stand back and step aside. With a spring in their step the royalty is here! The Leo is the regal zodiac! They love to be praised (make sure it’s genuine…they can tell) and adored. And they want everything done their way! They feel that the gullible awed Aries and the brutally honest Sagittarius make good subjects! After all a great monarch needs admirers and advisers alike! The strong willed Leo can’t see eye to eye with the bull headed Taurus-the only sun sign they can’t dominate. They find the gentle free flowing Aquarius too distracted and other worldly and leave them strictly alone.

Libra Compatibility (September 24-October 23)

The intelligent and just Librans can argue both sides of a Mobius strip! They love the creative Aquarians and the adventurous Gemini! They might make do with the Leos too. After all it is always nice to know the rich and the famous! Librans admire the energy of the Jupiter driven Sagittarians. But keep them away from possessive crabs. You can’t anchor a summer breeze.

Pisces Compatibility (February 20- March 20)

The gentle, easy going Piscean is the grand old man, the last step in the evolution of the Human soul. This water sign loves to travel and because of their intuitive nature can never really take part in heated arguments and squabble over the petty things of material life. They get along well fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Together they are the dream trio of any management company! Pisces however do not feel the urge to socialize with Virgos. Virgos are somewhat fixated with maintaining their virginal state and quite needlessly worried at times. This irritates the normally placid fish!

Sagittarius Compatibility (November 23- December 21)

The direct and sometimes tactless Sagittarius is a bundle of energy. They are happy, sunny, optimistic people who just don’t realize that some of the things they say may offend people around them! They are innocent though they are quite high up the soul’s evolutionary ladder. Maybe that is the reason why they get along so well with the child like Aries! A Sagittarius is not one to hold a grudge. They however avoid the company of Pisces as they find the fish overly sentimental when subjected to a few home truths! They also avoid the silver tongued Gemini because the twins are liable to bend the facts to suit their needs.

Scorpio Compatibility (October 24-November 27)

The Scorpios are passionate souls who may sting when pushed but in self-defense. They are lookers. Every last one of them and they like to maintain a low key profile preferring to let their achievements do the talking. A Scorpio has charisma and an intense attraction for the opposite sex. They can be good friends with the rest of the water signs and they would love to teach a Virgo….the meaning of abandon. That is a relationship full of excitement and passion. Whatever you do…do not put a Scorpio and a Taurus in the same room. That there might be dissent is an understatement. Expect world war III!

Taurus Compatibility (April 21-May 21)

These practical sensible creatures are the ultimate organizers. They are hardworking souls who do everything well. The perfectionist of the Zodiac…Taurus gets along well with fellow earth sign the meticulous Virgo and the steadfast Capricorn. They can also blend in with the water signs and get along happily like a bull in a mud bath! Just keep a Taurus away from a Leo. Leos want submission. A Taurus may charge at the very thought. And another no-no mix is with the Scorpion. Sting as he might, the Scorpio can’t move Taurus an inch and Taurus may suffocate the Scorpion beneath mounds of earth.