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Best Zodiac Love Matches

Cancer Zodiac Love Matches

As a Cancer zodiac sign, your primary needs are safety and security in a love match relationship. Being the most nurturing and caring of all lovers in the astrological zodiac, your partner is likely to be flattered – if not intimidated – by your impressive memory for everything they say and do. You are attracted to genuine and natural people because sincerity matters a lot to you. You are one of the most intuitive of lovers, easily reading your partner’s feelings and character. This can flatter some while concern others. But whoever is threatened by your “feelers” might not be the sincere person you want after all! When it comes to matters of the heart, security, tenderness, and appreciation are the three most important things for you.

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Cancer Love Match

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Aries Zodiac Love Matches

As an Aries zodiac sign, you are frank and straightforward about what you want. You have a well-developed love match nature, but your fire can burn out just as quickly as it is ignited. You are egocentric in nature, just like the innocent nature of a newborn baby who cries for attention. Aries, you get quickly infatuated with someone and are just as quick to get involved, and you sure love a chase. You zodiac sign prefers to be the pursuer in the chase. You are competitive by nature and the same goes for your love style. You are also romantic, having no second thoughts or qualms, and take no practical concern into consideration regarding your love match interest.

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Aries Love Match

Taurus Zodiac Love Matches

You, Taurus, are a practical individual, taking your zodiac love match seriously. This doesn’t mean to say that you are not capable of going on one-night stands and such, but partnerships mean a lot to you, and you take your responsibilities just as seriously. Your commitment to life is strong and constant, and you bring a sense of stability and comfort to those you love. On the other hand, security in a romantic bond is also what you are seeking. You have a tendency to hold onto relationships, and for you, security needs come first over spiritual or emotional needs. Because of this, others may see you as a rock or become easily frustrated when you do not tend to see the nuances of a romance, which could vary depending on the personality of your partner.

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Taurus Love Match

Capricorn Zodiac Love Matches

As a Capricorn zodiac sign, you are usually deliberate and steadfast in love matches, finding your safety and security in the trusted and proven. You can be extra careful when it comes to sharing your heart, but your reliability gives you the great advantage of earning the trust of other people. You are a respectful romantic partner and try your best to make sure you don’t hurt their feelings. On the other hand, you are just as careful with your heart as you are with your lover. This self-protectiveness of yours can be quite frustrating for your partner because they sense that you are not letting your guard down, romantically speaking. But once you let (at least some of) your defences down, your true warmth, tenderness, and vulnerability as a lover is revealed.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Capricorn Love Match

Gemini Zodiac Love Matches

Being a Gemini zodiac sign, you are naturally seeking lively, vibrant love matches with lots of communication and plenty of activities. When you are in love, you are light and witty even though you fall under the serious Sun sign. You are looking for someone who can hold their own in conversations. Not only that, you are after someone who can talk about a handful of subjects in a short span of time. When you’re love struck, you can be a real tease – flirting, joking, and cajoling. You make it seem like romance is fun with you, and this is what turns them on. You are not very sentimental, but you have a way with words. Sharing and exchanging ideas is an important part of a relationship for you, and good conversation is powerful foreplay!

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Gemini Love Match

Leo Zodiac Love Matches

When you’re born under a Leo zodiac sign, you can easily get fixated on the first stages of a romantic love match, when you are on cloud nine and can’t seem to get enough of each other. When you are in love, it consumes your entire being that you reverberate with its energy, and you get that special glow. You are one ardent and affectionate lover, whose actions may not be – and probably won’t be – matched; and this is when you begin to lose heart. But the truth is that your lover may simply have a different way of expressing his or her love. They may not be as ardent as you are, but for you, adoringly expressing love is what love should be all about. Your warmth is hugely dependent on how much affection and attention you receive.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Leo Love Match

Libra Zodiac Love Matches

As a Libra zodiac sign, you are a natural charmer and your demeanor is irresistibly pleasing no matter what shape or size you are. Libra is the sign of partnerships and relationships, so you are very sensitive to the give-and-take dynamics of human interactions. Libra loves a life of luxury, and has a tendency to form a powerful and long-lasting love match. You are a hopeless romantic and will spend the majority of your focus and attention on your union for the most part of your life. You value the concept of harmony, and your ultimate goal is attaining peace with the world and with yourself. But this is not to say that you won’t stir a pot or two along the way!

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Libra Love Match

Pisces Zodiac Love Matches

Pisces, you are a tender and compassionate lover. You are a peacemaker with a very strong sense of intuition, picking up all the nuances of your environment and your partner. You have your own shares of ups and downs being the sensitive person that you are, but you have a healthy sense of humor nonetheless. You are bothered by harshness, and you are as inherently wistful as your ability to breathe when it comes to love. There is a romantic side of you that always manifests itself in all areas of your life. You long to be deeply connected with a person in a spiritual kind of manner that transcends the mere physical aspect of a relationship.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Pisces Love Match

Sagittarius Zodiac Love Matches

As a person with a Sagittarius zodiac sign, you are positive and confident in love matches. For you, love and relationships are all about learning, adventure, and growth. You are mostly easygoing when it comes to matters of the heart, but you are also a very passionate lover, having a blast when things go your way! You want growth in a romance and don’t like being stuck in a rut. You also feel caged in by relationships that are stagnant. You enjoy variety and are prone to exaggeration – not because you intentionally try to mislead others, but because your vision is so wide when it comes to compatibility. This causes you to promise more than you can give. You like being spontaneous and would rather “wing it” in love. You don’t like to plan ahead because for you, this takes out the element of surprise.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Sagittarius Love Match

Scorpio Zodiac Love Matches

As a Scorpio zodiac sign, love for you is all or nothing. When you love, you love deeply and crave lots of intimacy. You fear nothing and your romance relationships are intense. True to the creature it represents, Scorpio thrives on crisis and feels most alive when there is intense drama going on in your love matches. You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty in a partnership; you might even find a very predictable relationship dull and boring. Your interest in love and romance is so strong that it is nearly borderline obsession, and you need someone who can go the distance with you. Needless to say, you are just as sexually intense. But it’s not just about your bodies; you want your partner’s soul as well.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Scorpio Love Match

Virgo Zodiac Love Matches

As a Virgo zodiac sign, you express your love to someone by doing things for (and fussing over) him or her. You are quick to notice all the little details about the object of your affection, and make mental notes of their likes and dislikes; not because you contrive to do so, but this is simply how you are wired. You make a genuine effort to try and help your lover in a practical way. Not only are you a great listener, quite often you actually have something intelligent and sensible to say! In fact, communicating about your zodiac love match is also one of the things you are very good at. There is one thing that your partner may struggle with about you though: knowing how to please you isn’t always so evident. You might seem to have simple and honest answers, but your fussiness leaves your significant other to wonder whether what they just did or said is enough to please you.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Virgo Love Match

Aquarius Zodiac Love Matches

As an Aquarius zodiac sign, you do not want to love “by the rules.” As with everything, you want to show love your own way. Not confined by traditions or norms of what is “supposed” to be, you tend to be a bit unconventional and forward-thinking. There’s that unmistakable “free spirit” in you that shows itself especially in matters of the heart. Not that you cannot—or will not—fall in love, infatuations come and go for you, but true love matches will be more elusive. But when you decide to commit, you can honor that commitment with no problems. It has to be that unique sort of arrangement that fits someone just as unique as you though, but you are proud of this uniqueness. Going down a certain track just because it is what everyone else does doesn’t sit well with you.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of a zodiac horoscope star sign.

Aquarius Love Match

If you really are interested in zodiac love matches astrology is the best choice it will help you understand your personality and what is in store for you in the future. Astrology comes hand in hand with psychology. If psychology is the study of the soul, astrology is a study of the soul using the stars.
Today it is common practice for the astrological study of zodiac relationships to work out the possibility of a good love match. After all if it is written in the stars that two people are good for each other, the chances are the relationship will flourish more and more and stand the tests of time better. This website is completely dedicated to the interpretation of zodiac sign love and compatibility.

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