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Virgo Relationships Compatibility

Picture Image of a horoscope star signPicture Image of a horoscope star sign

Cancer Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgos and Cancers tend to have mood changes that often get on the nerves of one another. Cancer may have times where they are worried, feeling nostalgic, are concerned about something and want to be tender. These are things that Virgo just has no understanding for as they have a tendency to become easily aggravated over minor things. And, with their intense need to use sarcasm and criticism can often injure the sensitive feelings of Cancer. Virgo needs to be more sensible and Cancer needs to work on forgiveness when things don’t go their way. Both astrology signs are highly capable of devoting themselves to each other and their children. It’s only natural for both to take care of each other creating a great relationship compatibility.

Both Cancer and Virgo have a habit of worrying; often being anxious about loved ones and even life itself. They are regarded as highly supportive and caring but the way they express this differs. Cancer tends to be more compassionate than the Virgo, who has no problem helping out albeit in a more practical sense. Cancer has an empathic nature, allowing them to handle the feelings and personal experiences of other people easily.

Virgo is quite concerned with health – nutrition, wellness, personal habits, etc. They have a love for order, cleanliness, proper etiquette and behavior and tidiness, which can make living with them a bit difficult to do. They also hate it when others are not punctual or are sloppy and inefficient. And, this perfection extends to themselves as well; they may think that everything they do isn’t good enough. For their relationship compatibility well-being, they need to learn self-love and acceptance. This is where Cancer can help them because they are extremely accepting and don’t judge. However, they suffer from emotional highs and lows, but love Virgo’s closeness and dedication.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Compatible Relationship Virgo/Cancer

Aries Virgo Relationship Compatibility

This pairing have two virtues they possess and take comfort in: the desire for the truth and honesty. Virgo is better at taking Aries’ straightforward criticism than vice versa. Both astrology signs can become quite uncomfortable with one another in their relationship compatibility due to their general differences. Aries usually has no problem with throwing caution to the wind and Virgo is a worry-wart when details have not been dealt with. Aries is the sign that acts on their impulses; Virgo takes the think now, act later approach. Virgo usually overanalyzes themselves and, because of that, Aries is impatient with this attitude. Virgo has more of a giving nature and tends to fall into the “servant” role when in a patrnership with Aries. Adjustments always have to be made to deal with the differences between them. There are definite things these two can learn from one another, and it’s these differences in personalities that bring the Virgo and Aries faction together.

There will need to be some adjustments if harmony is to occur between these two. After all, their personal practices and natural emotional responses to things around them differ and can lead to tremendous aggravation over time. Virgo carefully looks over situations before taking any kind of action. Aries has a more brash approach to life – acting first then dealing with the penalties and tends to have frequent emotional explosions that are, fortunately, brief. Due to Aries’ brash nature, Virgo often feels anxious and nervous. They are different in that Virgo worries continuously while Aries rebuffs the Virgo’s nature.  Virgo is regarded as being a perfectionist, hates mistakes and tends to be highly critical of themselves as well as others. Aries, on the other hand, loves making mistakes and takes daring, unique risks. The criticisms Virgo has can harm Aries’ feelings. Still, a way for both signs to increase their relationship compatibility and support one another is for Virgo to put together and carry out some of the creative ideas the Aries has.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Aries

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Taurus Virgo Relationship Compatibility

When it comes to Taurus and Virgo relationship compatibility harmony and happiness is found. Both astrology signs are extremely practical and work effectively together in marriage and work. A life that’s rewarding and rich can be found with one another – they can devote their time to themselves and to their children. Taurus’ emotional state is much calmer than the Virgo’s and Virgo loves Taurus’ soothing, fostering qualities. Both love food; but, Virgo is more concerned about the nutrition aspect where the Taurus just enjoys food. There is no doubt these zodiac signs could be a match made in heaven.

They love being connected to the Earth, working with its natural materials, and developing and perfecting their manual skills in a certain specific area. Both look at everything before they make a move. Taurus tends to move slower than the Virgo when it comes to decisions and doesn’t like changes in their domestic atmosphere. However, when a decision is made, they are good to go. Virgo is a constant worrier and can be hard to please every now and then. The steadiness of the Taurus character is a real comfort to the Virgo in these times. Virgo won’t let themselves go easily, either sexually or emotionally. Taurus is content with being instinctual, which can put their partner at ease. Virgo can be annoyed by the Taurus’ lazy side. Still, the pair can easily make their relationship compatibility work!

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Compatible Relationship Virgo/Taurus

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Capricorn Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Both these astrology signs are practical folks – often regarded as being trustworthy and responsible; more mature for their ages. Capricorn, however, tends to create a plan to succeed in their ventures and advance in their career. Virgo uses their practical skills and talents to make their success both in and out of the workplace often helping out others. It’s these energies that bring together quite nicely the relationship compatibility of a Virgo and Capricorn. These two work well together practically and in a business sense. Of course, a partnership like this can become mundane and boring especially if there is no strong sexual connection between the two, fortunately this is not the case in this liaison.

This zodiac match understands each other quite well due to how they respond to people and situations and their similar demeanors. Both work hard and are practical; they love being useful and productive. They both look at responsibilities as being first before they take part in any kind of play or pleasure, many times they tend to neglect their own needs to carry these things out. Any unrealistic or childish behavior is often ignored. Both star signs demand material security, and often don’t take risks. In fact, they’d rather stick to logical, safe paths and have recognised responsibilities in how they deal with others; but, when it comes to themselves, they expect more than too much and can be cruel to themselves when failing to live up to an expectation. Both signs view faithfulness, friendship and love as being one of the most important qualities to have to form the best relationship compatibility.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Capricorn

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Gemini Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini are highly intellectual creatures – regarded as being more rational than they are emotional. The two have a good relationship compatibility and mental rapport with each other. They love talking and take appreciation in each other’s wit. Virgo’s got a down-to-earth attitude and Gemini loves having ideas that have no rhyme or reason to it.  Gemini’s got a risk taking attitude and doesn’t mind doing something just to get the experience. Virgo’s got a cautious nature to them. Despite this difference, they understand one another and can tend have a successful partnership. Both the Virgo and Gemini are active and don’t mind taking part in many tasks at one time.

Gemini can be a bit restless mentally and needs new ideas and people as well as intellectual challenges to stimulate them. Gemini is also regarded as being a social butterfly. Virgo, however, is regarded as the practical one. Typically critical of themselves and very modest, Virgo is a perfectionist that has a real talent for narrowing down details and putting their affairs in order. Virgo is highly concerned about nutrition, hygiene and health. Things must be in their correct place for the Virgo within a relationship to satisfy their criteria for perfect compatibility; something that can grate on the Gemini’s nerves. Virgo is much more disciplined than the Gemini and wants to improve themselves. Gemini loves to play and joke around; much more so than the Virgo. However, both love games and testing their intellects and knowledge.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Gemini

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Leo Virgo Relationship Compatibility

These two astrology signs are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Virgo is usually shy and often modest. Leo loves receiving recognition and social approval and tends to outshine the Virgo when in the limelight who tends to be more self-sufficient than the Leo and may not give them the appreciation they demand. Virgo also has an inclination for being fussy and a perfectionist, which can backfire when turned toward Leo who has a real sensitivity to criticism, usually viewing Virgo’s criticism as being a personal attack on their relationship compatibility. Virgo is shrewd psychologically; more so than the Leo who doesn’t like being analyzed. Another issue between these two zodiac signs is that Leo often takes for granted the work Virgo puts into things.

The two are extremely different from one another – Virgo tends to be reserved and modest whereas the Leo is a bit of a narcissist and expressive having a tendency to over exaggerate their life whereas Virgo stays impartial and realistic. Leo often seeks out recognition in any relationship and wants to feel important. Virgo has no problem sticking to the sidelines and background – helping out instead of being the leader. Leo loves to give affection and praise to people whereas Virgo shows their love in a more practical manner and a bit quieter. There are instances where Leo wants applause more than what Virgo will give them. And, Virgo can be a bit hard to live with because of their perfectionist nature can cause compatibility issues. This is especially true for Leos who are sensitive to any individual criticism. Leo has no problem with being playful but the Virgo is often embarrassed by the antics of the Leo. Due to the conservative nature of the Virgo, they may clash with the flamboyancy of the Leo.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Leo

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Libra Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Libra loves to talk with people, hearing about their experiences and thoughts on whatever. Libra can accept the viewpoints of others and won’t judge what people have to say. Virgo, however, has no problem judging others and what they have to say. And, they don’t like false or irrational thinking. Virgo demands more of other folks and will become confrontational when necessary. Libra can find these confrontations very uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. Virgo has a more demanding way of thinking in most areas of their life. Virgo may seem Libra as a bit wishy-washy with Libra viewing the Virgo as being intolerant. Still, in good times, the different natures of these two astrology signs can complement their relationship compatibility towards one another more so than annoy them.

Both zodiac signs are perfectionists, but in their own way, how they view perfection can differ too. Libra longs for the perfect relationship compatibility – one that doesn’t include tension or disharmony. The kind of partnership where all problems are worked out, topics are discussed and there is an equitable share of the chores. It can be difficult for the Libra to accept the flaws of a person’s look or demeanor. Virgo’s perfectionist nature lies in wanting things perfect in their environment and that precise attention is given to diet, health, hygiene, etc. Virgo is very critical of themselves, trying to live to all kinds of standards that are just too high for them to reach. Both have advanced sensitivities, responding quickly to logic and reason and are less impulsive and emotional. A primary difference between them is that Libra sees merit in nearly all viewpoints and doesn’t have extreme views. Virgo has clear ideas and a bad habit of correcting people when they’re not right.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Libra

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Pisces Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgo tends to be quite comfortable with ambiguity; sorting their life into comprehensive sections. Pisces, on the other hand, doesn’t have an issue with taking in various ideas – contradictory or not – having no urgent reason to deal with them. Virgo likes to specialize on a certain area of their life, honing the skills within it. Pisces takes a more wide approach to life, taking in various interests. Virgo loves to have things in tidy order; Pisces loves the chaotic side of life. Pisces is regarded as the poet whereas the Virgo settles nicely in the real world. While the differences might appear to cause strife in the relationship compatibility, it’s actually possible for the pair to appreciate one another. Thus, harmony in the Virgo/Pisces partnership is quite possible. Neither sign is overly ambitious. In fact, both are quite shy and sensitive, a plus for the pair.

There are many ways in which the Pisces and Virgo are different; but, it’s these differences that can work together, leading each astrology sign to learn from the other. Virgo handles material issues in an organized, factual and efficient way, looking at the finer points. Pisces is a bit unorganized and have their head in the clouds when talking about practical things. Virgo lets their intellect take control over their emotions. Pisces lets their feelings have control over their actions. Pisces is often regarded as highly compassionate, giving to people indiscriminately who need help, whether they actually need it or not.

Virgo has its nurturing side as well but can stop when necessary. Virgo is a true perfectionist, is highly critical of themselves and others and has such a high standard set for themselves and others that it can be impossible for people to live up to. Pisces is tolerant of others; usually non-judgmental and disobedient. Virgo loves this quality of the Pisces, and Pisces can actually benefit from the simplicity of Virgo’s life. Both are shy with a shared sensitivity to their relationship compatibility. They are best in a helping or artistic profession. While the emotional states of these zodiac signs differ, they have a shared introspective quality that allows them to appreciate each other.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Pisces

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Sagittarius Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgo puts their attention on finer details whereas Sagittarius puts its focus on a broader span. Virgo will often point out issues with certain detail regardless of the situation. Sagittarius wants to discuss the broader aspect. Of course, this approach to things balances one another, although it can lead to conflict with the relationship compatibility. This is especially true when Sagittarius views things from their own perspective, being able to take care of themselves, butfeels Virgo needs to have a little more faith. Virgo may spend an excessive amount of time criticizing details and miss a well-timed, executed good plan. Sagittarius may not make an admission that it needs Virgo’s in-depth analysis. However, the pair can work harmoniously together thanks to Sagittarius’ vision and enterprise and Virgo’s practical skills and advice. There will be cases when Sagittarius feels annoyed by Virgo’s pettiness and need to criticize. Virgo may become annoyed with Sagittarius’ lazy behavior and thoughts. If problems are to be overcome with this pair, they’ll need to be tolerant and have some humor.

Virgo is conservative and practical whereas Sagittarius is regarded as a gambler and idealistic. Virgo has no problem with playing things safely; Sagittarius loves being a risk taker, going more on faith than anything else. Virgo is a realist but Sagittarius is an idealist. Virgo craves order; Sagittarius isn’t much like the Virgo in that they can be indifferent to things that Virgo holds dear. Virgo would rather stay on budget; Sagittarius, not so much so. Virgo is a punctual astrology sign; Sagittarius doesn’t mind being late. Virgo often keeps their promise and is diligent in the things they do; Sagittarius tends to over exaggerate and bite off more than they can chew. While the Virgo may find the playfulness of the Sagittarius a breath of fresh air, it can become a serious problem affecting the relationship compatibility between them; more so if they try changing one another.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Sagittarius

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Scorpio Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Both signs are compatible when it comes to being practical and the need to carefully look at people and situations. They also have a shared approach to dealing with the challenges life throws at them. Still, there are instances when Scorpio will walk into a situation without any regard to their safety. Scorpio often finds Virgo being overly timid and taking the more cautious approach to things. Virgo views their partner as not having any prudence. There may be situations in which the Scorpio is stubborn and persevering and may see Virgo’s sense of not committing as being weak. Virgo may often view the Scorpio has being overly passionate or crude about some circumstances and ideas. Virgo’s sensitivities don’t like leaving the sign with “dirty” hands – both figuratively and literally. Scorpio, however, has no problem with this. If the two signs can bring together their different demeanors and learn to work together, a meaningful and fulfilling relationship bond can be had.

Scorpios are seen as deep, quiet and emotionally complex, hiding their jealous and guilty feelings out of being misinterpreted. Scorpio has a desire for drama and passion; they want to feel alive. Many times in order for these feelings to occur, they unintentionally or even intentionally create a crisis. Scorpios are attracted to things that are dark and mysterious; something secretive. In a negative aspect, Scorpio can be controlling and manipulative. In a positive aspect, they can be extremely loyal whether as friend or lover. Virgos differ from Scorpio in that they respond to situations with rational and logical sense. Virgo may come across as shy and restrained due to a happening in their life or how they were raised. Virgo may be unable to understand Scorpio’s intense feelings. Virgo is highly critical of themselves and, when it comes to criticism from other people, they are extremely sensitive. Therefore needs to be mindful of how they handle their feelings when upset because Virgo can become hurt. Both tend to overanalyze themselves and other people and seek out ways they can better themselves and their relationship compatibility.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Scorpio

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Virgo Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Two Virgos together can only mean one thing: two perfectionists in the same household means hard to please and highly critical of each other. Both can range from extreme cleanliness to extreme messiness, or become so particular and focused on certain areas of their relationship compatibility that other areas become neglected. These signs have an eye for detail, and when they put their minds to something, can carry out any task with skills and precision… together! Still, the perfectionism between both can leave them unhappy with the things they do try. Virgos will express how they feel about someone by doing practical things for them and, because of that, they help out with daily chores and other tasks without much complaint. These trait similarities make the Virgo-Virgo combination a match-made in heaven.

Virgo astrology signs have similar demeanors, leaving them to understand each other very well. However, the similar nature means they have similar weaknesses too. Virgo is particular when it comes to their diet, personal habits, etc. Some of their less desirable traits and habits are the compulsive need to worry, the focus on flaws instead of one’s success, etc. Living with Virgos can be tricky to do, with nagging a must-need-to-avoid in order for the relationship compatibility to work. Positively, Virgos place importance on devotion and care on the important people and things to them. While it may seem that the Virgo is an unemotional sign, both in the partnership care about the other person’s feelings and health.

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Compatible Relationship Virgo/Virgo

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Compatible Relationship Virgo/Aquarius

Aquarius Virgo Relationship Compatibility

These astrology signs deal with problems and ideas in different ways. But, the mental rapport and relationship compatibility between the two is very good. Virgo deals more on details and would rather focus on a particular area. Aquarius looks at the broader picture and system, not placing a focus on any certain area. Virgo worries with the preciseness of plans, helping Aquarius to implement their ideas and fulfill them. The Aquarius and Virgo work well together especially in terms of intellectual and social pursuits. The partnership may appear cool and aloof but with other available factors, it could have sexual attraction, love and warmth.

A key difference between the Virgo and Aquarius’ temperaments is that Aquarius breaks away from tradition and hates authority loving excitement, always looking for things and ideas to experience and experiment with. Virgo tends to take the safer route, going with the comfortable, safe path. Virgo hates disorder; Aquarius has no problem disrupting it so new things can take place. Virgo looks quizzically at itself to better themselves. Aquarius looks for ways to improve their social standing but is usually out of touch with how they feel about themselves and their immediate surroundings. On a more personal level they are very comfortable with each other and love being able to rely on one another. Now, there’s no doubt that some work has to go into this relationship compatibility. After all, the all work, no play routine can cause the bond to go dry. Both signs need to relax more often and enjoy the emotional, fun side of life.

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Preferences and Desires

You, Virgo, see all details in your relationships compatibility – big and small. Based on this you analyze how viable your relationship is, so you try and focus on the everyday details of it. You are aware that practicality is an important factor in compatibility and know that the practical aspect isn’t always the most glamorous. But if your partner happens to be the romantic type, he or she may not always appreciate your efforts and see it as a sign of affection. You are not the romantic type, and have rather simple preferences and desires for your relationship. You know that you are (and want to be) needed all the time, so it can be difficult for you to see the forest for the trees at times and sitting back, relaxing, and putting some faith in the big picture can benefit you once in a while. You put great effort into making yourself indispensable in your soul mate’s life, but realize that you don’t have to be needed in order to be loved.

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