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Taurus Zodiac Compatibility

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The water bearer! The sign of intelligence and the sign of insanity! An Aquarius and a Taurus may read like the book of opposites.
The water bearer can juggle peeking into the future, the pressing urgencies of today with the nostalgic reminiscences of yesterday to create this brilliant picture of destiny from which they alone can read and decipher! On the other hand the bull though in no way less intelligent is more of a logical, tangible being. They have too many problems in the present realm to bother with the vagueness of tomorrow and the passiveness of yesterday! The eccentric Aquarius smoking pot and lolling about the community park working equations in its head is a rare sight for the bull. It may intrigue it and it may come down from its palace of moderation to investigate. But that’s about it! This is never going to be the idyllic compatible association!

TAURUS SPEAK: “The electricity bill is overdue!”

AQUARIUS SPEAK:  “Electricity….what a wonderful thing! Do you know it’s just a stream of electrons?”

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A baby with an infant! This should be precious and is most of the times! Aries is a hot-head! It can’t bear to wait. Its needs cloud the horizon of its perception and as soon as it wants something, it cries for mommy!
Taurus is a little disdainful sometimes of all the shouting and bawling! It has learnt that waiting is a less tedious way of getting things done! Just because Mars is red, doesn’t mean the Ram has to see red everywhere! Blazing hurry is not the style of the calm and contented Taurus! There is a saving grace though! To be marginally compatible….the Taurus remembers being Aries! In its last life!

TAURUS SPEAK: “Always use knee pads when you go skateboarding!”

ARIES SPEAK: “I want to be a pro! Pros don’t wear knee pads!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


A Taurus loves cooking, making money and mothers! The Cancer loves mothers, making money and cooking! No, it’s not you! These two zodiacs are that similar!
They are indeed two of the most compatible sun signs from the whole medley! They can cook for each other, discuss finances in the driest terms and then call their mothers up for advice! A Taurus is determined about not sharing love with anyone else. A Cancer crab is downright possessive! That is another point in favor of the union. They will hardly ever cheat on one another and will gladly give in to the ridiculous demands of “no looking!”  A very compatible relationship that can thrive on mutual understanding and harmony! In this case water (Cancer) and earth (Taurus) make mud all right….but the kind that can grow lotuses!

TAURUS SPEAK: “We spent $95 last month on booze!”

CANCER SPEAK: “Let’s not have any parties this month! I bet we will save a lot.”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Oh joy! The earth sign leader (Capricorn) meets the earth sign organizer (Taurus). The result is compatible to say the least! They are both solid, responsible and dependable. Being negative, they both like to proceed with caution and deliberation. And on top of that a got has a dry droll sense of humor which allows them to be funny without losing their dignity! That is what hooks the bull! The perfect combination! These two can empathize with each other and be a support system to reach the pinnacle of success. Capricorn is also a scholarly sign-degrees and accolades mean a lot to them. And in their company the normally easy going bull may learn to gird its loins and put that earthy determination and elephantine memory to scholastic use.

TAURUS SPEAK:  “The food is on the table dear!”

CAPRICORN SPEAK: “Let me finish the papers darling! Out in a jiffy!”

TAURUS SPEAK: “Great! Let me know if the calculations need to be checked!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Taurus is an earth sign. Gemini is a whirlwind air sign. Moreover a Gemini is never one person. The twins are distinctly two. One facet they show to the world and the other is who they truly are.
The Taurus is quite guileless and hates hypocritical behavior or artifice! So does Taurus detest Gemini? No. If you remember Taurus is right behind Gemini on the wheel. Thus the razor sharp, twinkle toed Gemini has a soul memory of the existence as a Bull. This is why they are reluctant to be entrenched in a rut and seek constant movement and growth. They are also sympathetic of why a Taurus can’t just throw caution to the finds and embrace life with wild abandon. But that is where it ends! Romance is not a compatible option for these two! Mainly because every Gemini is a Casanova at heart! And Taurus is Juliet (or Romeo!).

TAURUS SPEAK: “Do you love me!”

GEMINI SPEAK: “Of Course…I love all women!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Leo is the quintessential egotistical ruler! A Leo needs constant admiration and appreciation. They also need to know they are being recognized for all the worthy qualities that they possess and the good they are doing to a particular venture. A Taurus is a sign with immense self-respect. They need to be loved and tucked in. But they do not try to dominate (consciously) or rule! And they are not ones to turn ingratiating. This is the major bone of contention in a Taurus- Leo relationship. But this is a strange pattern heavy with karmic implications. The rewards are great if a Taurus and a Leo can adjust, be compatible and work things out!

LEO SPEAK: “Where are my office clothes?”

TAURUS SPEAK: “Why? Get one of your loyal subjects to get it for you! I want a divorce!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


In the beginning Taurus is just as enchanted with Libra as any other zodiac of the wheel! Libra is after all beautiful, mellow with a soft buttery whipped cream voice that is reminiscent of the tolling bells atop an atoll. The first rosy interaction is also perfect. The Libra is independent and knowledgeable and the Taurus finds it easy to wax eloquent with the Libra. It even appreciates poetry- a topic close to the heart of the bull. Just when the bull thinks it is falling in love they decide to go see a movie and that is when the trouble starts- will it be a ghost or a sci-fi? Genres matters you see.
Will the gallery do or will they go common and have the normal seats? That matters if you be doing some “cozying up!” And on and on and on! Till the poor bull is terrified and wishes to never go to a movie ever again! That’s Libra for you. They have to discuss and see every aspect of every decision to finally reach one! Remember Griffin in MIB 3- He was a Libra all right, seeing multiple possible scenarios together. Compatible? May be! If the bull can learn to tune out most of the Libran chatter!

TAURUS SPEAK: “I ordered the new car today! It’s a surprise for you. Affordable but real snazzy”

LIBRA SPEAK: (Faints!)

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Pisces, the fish! Ruled by Neptune! The windy planet! The planet of speed! The vagabond planet! The fish is also feminine and negative. Thus cautious and very much passive like the bull. Where the bull is an organizer, the fish is a communicator! The Pisces is also a dual sign, much like Gemini. Since they are the oldest of souls they are constantly struggling to maintain a balance between the spiritual (that so interests and intrigues them) and the material (which they just can’t seem to avoid!). The bull can be a good influence in the life of a fish. It can teach the slippery little things commitment, toughen them up and give them the much needed boost of the practical and the tangible in their lives.
Thus with a bull in tow, the fish can actually attain material success which it has slim chances of doing with another dreamy sign like say the Aquarius! But the ideal is not what happens!

PISCES SPEAK: “Do you think it is okay to not please people once in a while?”

TAURUS SPEAK: “A okay sweetie!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


A Sag is a fire sign. It is a positive fire sign. So you can imagine the warmth, glow and the general brightness and optimism of an archer. Sometimes it borders on the irreverent and the foolhardy!
Add to that the influence of the bundle of energy and the larger than life personality that is the gas ball Jupiter and you can start to appreciate the challenges of a Taurus-Sagittarius association. The bull is a little passive and a lot cautious. They are quick to pity and sympathize. So when the clumsy Sag turns up with a stubbed toe, Taurus will be more than happy to soothe it, care for it and then plan on keeping it! It is quite amusing and an awful tease! A Sag can make a calm Taurus split the sides laughing. It doesn’t matter that it is pure slapstick comedy! A bull is happy with it!
But then comes the dreaminess and the penchant for causes and change. That is when the Taurus starts to become uncomfortable. It has a healthy respect for the balance of things and order in life and can’t abide by useless campaigns and lofty proclamations that are all floating in the air! Not the most compatible association!

TAURUS SPEAK: “I topped my class today!”

SAGITTARIUS SPEAK: “The paper was damn easy though!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Here we go! A battle to the death! These two zodiac signs are opposed! Hence it follows that if of the same sex they might try to trample and sting each other to death. But if they are of the opposite sex, the physical Taurus bull and the sexual Scorpio can have a passionate, quite thrilling union.
But as soon as they step out of bed…the bickering or the dish throwing will continue. Taurus is quite compatible with other water signs. However the Scorpion can agitate the rare calm of the bull. Taurus is everything that Scorpio wants to be and vice versa. But they can’t stick to their senses long enough to learn and have a fruitful friendship.

TAURUS SPEAK: “You are nasty!”

SCORPIO SPEAK: “You should know given your last spouse! By the way, he left because you are a stupid cow!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign

How are two clods of earth together? Implacable is the answer. A Taurus-Taurus association is stronger than the Rock of Gibraltar. This is because both halves of the equation tend to look things over with a magnifying glass, collect data, extrapolate and then deliberate before coming to a decision. They are cautious and gentle people who enjoy solitude.
A Taurus can sit for hours enjoying the mysteries of the Universe and the beauty of nature without uttering a single word. To them being verbose is no achievement. Their tendency to despise spendthrifts extends to the realm of communication. What they say is generally true as it is an informed decision. With its Taurus mate…..the bull is happy, contented and compatible!

TAURUS MALE SPEAK: “I am hungry!”

TAURUS FEMALE SPEAK: “OK, one roast chicken and a foot massage coming up!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Negative, feminine, earth influenced! That in a nut shell is a Taurus and a Virgo. Starting to sound like the Taurus-Cancer compatible duo! More or less the same! But here the traits that the bull and the virgin both share are passivity (they do not want to take the limelight all the time), caution and deliberation (courtesy the negative nature of their zodiac) and responsibility (owing to the fact that they are both Earth signs).
However the Virgin can be quite obsessive at times. About their health, about the shower curtain and about the political inclinations of the party senator! A Taurus for the life of it can’t understand why someone apparently as sensible as the virgin can crib on and on about something. They should know that wasting time is a cardinal sin.

TAURUS SPEAK: “Why so blue virgin?”

VIRGO SPEAK: “Today I saw an old lady dumping her garbage on the road! Who said old is gold?”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign