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Best Scorpio Love Match

Cancer Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Cancer astrology signs in love: A relatively easier pairing compared to other love match combinations, Scorpio and Cancer both fall under the element of Water. This means that there will be a similar vein to how you express your affections and this sense of familiarity will quickly make both of you feel “at home” with each other. You both take commitment very seriously, and are not given to frivolity in your expressions and feelings. Your partner’s caring and warm nature regenerates you, and your all-encompassing love appeals to them like a charm. There will be times when your love can feel all-consuming, but this doesn’t overwhelm your other half as much as it does with some other lovers. In fact, soul mate has a similar way of showing their love, which you don’t shy away from either. On the contrary, you thrive on it and live for it!

The attraction between you two is deep, intimate, magnetic, and is bound to stand the test of time given the other supporting factors in your synastry.  You both have possessive tendencies in love, and your Cancer lover has a very good memory. Communication lines between the two of you should be kept as open as possible as you both have a tendency to hold silent grudges. When hurt, your partner holds a more internalized reaction; while you, Scorpio, tend to turn cold and unresponsive when upset. However, the deep empathy that you have for each other should suffice to soften the rough edges in your love match.

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Match Love Scorpio/Cancer

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Aries Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Aries astrology signs in love: An intriguing and unusual love match combination, the attraction between you two can be exciting, but without conscious effort, will not come as naturally harmonious. Your Aries lover is more direct with their affections while you, Scorpio, tend to express love in a more roundabout kind of way. You have a constant libido while your partner’s fluctuates all the time. You are secure in a committed and constant romantic relationship while your beloved lives for the moment and is more focused on the excitement at hand. Sexually speaking, yours is going to be a powerful union, but difficulties will be present along the way due to your different and opposing love styles.

This zodiac sign union probably lends itself better to a short term love affair so that the memories of your amorous entanglement could be more powerful and unforgettable, so to speak. This passionate pairing will also work in a long-term relationship, but lots of love and understanding are needed, and adjustments will have to be made along the way. You will probably most likely be butting heads because you both want your own way, but for it to be harmonious, you will both have to learn how to compromise. There will be lots of passion in your love match, and if you can harness this energy and channel it in a positive way then your union can surely be a satisfying one.

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Match Love Scorpio/Aries

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Taurus Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Taurus astrology signs in love: As Scorpio and Taurus are on opposite sides of each other in the zodiac, this love match combination is a literal example of opposites attract. Interestingly enough, opposite signs do see eye-to-eye every now and then, as they share a common underlying theme. You are both stubborn individuals, fixed in your tastes and your habits, as well as being loyal and intense lovers. You don’t let go of partnerships -- or each other -- very easily, but you are the more intense and attached between the two of you. Your Taurus partner’s peaceful ways do a lot to calm down your tumultuous needs and emotions. You are both attracted to each other’s willingness to commit and strong personality.

Because you mutually sense that you are both able to go the distance in your romantic relationship, you will respect each other. Sexually speaking, your liaison will be a magnetic one. Who will run the show, you ask? Both of you will, but in different ways. But since you both value power in an alliance, personalities are bound to clash at times. Your most common difference will be your love style. Your partner might find you too complicated, while you might find your significant other’s needs too simple! Your partner’s ideal union is a peaceful and stable one, while you, Scorpio, love the boat to be rocked every now and then. In fact, predictability threatens you; but predictability is what your partner wants! This is an inevitable basic clash, so you have to find common ground if this love match is to last long.

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Match Love Scorpio/Taurus

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Capricorn Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Capricorn astrology signs in love: your Capricorn partner senses a real passion in your love match and you and this gets him or her really worked up, but others may find them a little too reserved for their liking and undemonstrative in love even. But you have a way of making your soul mate feel extraordinary. And since he or she craves and fears intimacy at the same time, you might probably be the most ideal zodiac sign for him or her. They will find you intriguing and very exciting to say the least, and you will find him or her just as equally intriguing because you love challenges. You will also appreciate your partner’s commitment and dedication to your romantic relationship.

And because your other half senses this, the feeling of appreciation will help them be at their romantic best. Nevertheless, you are both headstrong individuals, and in different ways at that. This can be a source for tension at times. But neither of you stay attracted to individuals with weak personalities, so the mutual respect between you two can help your bond stay intact. If anything, you will definitely have no boring moments. And perhaps what your partner will appreciate the most about you is your ability to see past their defences. You, Scorpio, know that there is a lot more to your lover beneath the intimidating exterior, and you are the one who gets to experience all the true warmth inside your love match.

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Match Love Scorpio/Capricorn

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Gemini Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Gemini astrology signs in love: one of the most challenging combinations, this love match is laden with lots of pitfalls and opportunities, lots of excitement and lots of arguments. On the physical plane, opposites attract, and so the attraction between the two of you can be intense, leaving you entirely fascinated with each other. You are both very curious lovers, albeit in remarkably different ways. But on a spiritual level, “like attracts like” seems to work out better than “opposites attract.” And so the same differences that initially attracted you to each others may be the very ones that can turn into big issues as time goes on. You are both provocative in your own ways. Your Gemini partner is a natural flirt. Not that he or she is inclined to flirt with everyone, but they have a naturally lighthearted approach when it comes to their dealings with other people.

On the other hand, what you want, Scorpio, is intimacy, and by nature you are a very intense lover, wanting your lover’s entire heart and soul and are threatened at the thought of someone else sharing your beloved’s love. As a result, their playful and teasing ways can be threatening to you. You try to lessen the threat by trying to regain a sense of control over the romance, resorting to cunning means to get what you want. You have a knack for learning how to push your partner’s buttons and can do so in subtle ways. Your soul mate places more importance on fun rather than on intensity. These basic differences can cause a lot of conflict within your love match, but if you are both willing to work your differences out and deal with them positively, then your romantic relationship can still prove to be a very rewarding one.

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Match Love Scorpio/Gemini

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Leo Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Leo astrology signs in love: you are both possessive individuals by nature, and a number of issues can arise out of this. You are quick to feel out the emotions and learn the boundaries of your partner who wears their heart on their sleeve. The love match combination of Leo and Scorpio is like mixing Fire and Water. Fire (Leo) can easily be put out by Water (Scorpio). Practically speaking, what may happen is that your other half’s inherent enthusiasm and spiritedness might seem to disconcert or threaten you, which you might react to by pulling them down or “raining on his or her parade.” Both are fixed signs, meaning that, as individuals, you are both very loyal, but also very stubborn! This can translate into a long-lasting romantic relationship as either one won’t be so fast to let go, but as you are both somewhat inflexible and fixed in your ways, both of you can also be too proud for the good of your unity.

Personality clashes and bouts of jealousy are not surprising in this zodiac combination. And where money is shared, how the money will be spent will be a big issue. As you both have strong sexual appetites, the passion may be free flowing between you. But if you are not careful and withhold sex as a form of expressing your grievances, the bedroom can be yet another battleground for your disagreements. As a result, there can be periods of abstinence between you. Nevertheless, you will find a lot to appreciate in each other. And being the strong individuals that you are, neither of you shies away from a love union when it gets intense. Your will admire your beloved’s strength as all forms of in intensity are attractive to you; while significant other will definitely appreciate your emotional commitment to the love match. This is one rocky, but passionate, pairing.

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Match Love Scorpio/Leo

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Libra Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Libra astrology signs in love: you value commitment, in your love match and so does your Libra partner. You both love the idea of being together, but your ideas of togetherness are quite different! You want your lover’s presence as well as their heart and soul, while your they are more interested in outward expressions of togetherness as well as companionship. Your other half works hard at finding common ground between you two and strongly believes in fairness and equality in a romantic relationship. You, on the other hand, hold a strong belief that life isn’t fair! The attraction between you two is unquestionable. Your partner’s charms may fascinate you, while he or she may be intrigued by your intense approach to love.

You, Scorpio, are notoriously mysterious, but you may still find your Libra beloved to be puzzling! You may find them to be emotionally distant and more focused on superficial togetherness instead of intimacy. But your significant other brings a luminous and lively energy to their partnerships – a quality that starkly contrasts the intense energy that you bring. This basic difference between you can both attract you to each other, and at the same time, be the source for the difficulties you may encounter as time goes by. You definitely have a lot to teach – and learn from – each other. While finding common ground may not be that easy, your commitment your love match and to each other can be your greatest strength.

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Match Love Scorpio/Libra

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Pisces Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Pisces astrology signs in love: you both have very different zodiac signs, but they both fall under the element of Water. This suggests that, on the whole, you tend to understand each other. You seem to have the same kind of depth in your love match approach, which promotes some kind of bond between you. You, Scorpio, have an emotional and intuitive approach to love, and your mind is not what you use to judge whether someone is good or not. You need to feel connected. Your Pisces partner is the same. However, you are more focused on forming an exclusive and intimate bond than your soul mate is. They love deeply and emotionally like you do, but at times you wonder just how exclusive their feelings are for you.

You want to get under your lover’s skin and you are not very thrilled to have the rest of the world share your adorable beloved Because of this, you feel a bit threatened when your partner expresses compassion for most anyone that comes around the corner. This might be your romance’s biggest issue. You need to realize that your significant other simply has a general love for mankind and rest assured that doesn’t mean they will easily stray from you. It’s just that your true love has a tendency to get too impressionable at times. It will help not to worry about the rest of the world when your enamoured mate has you – you will be much better off with this mindset. Other than this, the two of you have quite a happy love match; and your partner will most likely appreciate your intensity and the depths of your feelings for him or her.

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Match Love Scorpio/Pisces

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Sagittarius Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Sagittarius astrology signs in love: Scorpio and Sagittarius are side-by-side signs. In astrology, this translates to a challenging combination because side-by-side signs have little in common. Your love match can be a bit messy and awkward at times, but there is nothing that mutual understanding and self-awareness cannot help. You have a very intense approach to your romantic relationships, and so does your partner, but in an entirely different way. Your other half loves with focus on the passion and action of the moment, while your passion runs more deeply, and manifests itself more emotionally as a result.

Your soul mate values experience and does not always seem constant with their affections, and this can frustrate you. You have a tendency to build a fence around your lover, but they easily feel suffocated when they are caged in. Your partner may seem inconstant and flighty to you, and they might feel overwhelmed by your larger than life need for intimacy. However, you still thoroughly enjoy the fresh air that your significant other brings to your union, because there are no dull moments with a Sagittarius lover! Your caring counterpart will appreciate the depth of your perception and your astuteness. Your love match will be a rocking one, but a highly stimulating one nonetheless.

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Match Love Scorpio/Sagittarius

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Scorpio Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Scorpio astrology signs in love: the similarities in your love style can either make for a very strong love match, or a very distrusting one. Oftentimes, it is a combination of both. You are both very intense lovers, craving for emotional involvement more than anything else. You will definitely get this from each other, but Scorpio, more than other signs, needs a partner to complement their characteristics as well as enough differences to keep things interesting. Not that your union will result in a boring romantic relationship – far from it. But you are both uncomfortable in a very predictable and routine alliance.

The only red flag in your partnership is the need for someone to soften your sharp edges, emotions running high in a Scorpio and Scorpio combination might be too much, even for both of you. If you are both emotionally healthy in this point of your lives, then you can definitely forge out a strong commitment with considerable effort and understanding. Passions will obviously be strong, but expect stand-offs to be frequent, and even nearly unbearable at times. If you spend more time appreciating each other more than rocking the boat too much, then your love match has a much better chance of going the distance.

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Match Love Scorpio/Scorpio

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Virgo Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Virgo astrology signs in love: trust doesn’t come automatically to both of you, but your combination is conducive to a feeling of security in your love match. Your Virgo lover is usually receptive to their partner’s needs and wishes, and they will willingly bend to accommodate this. Your other half puts a lot of effort into making their romantic relationships work, which you will sense and appreciate. -- like Earth and Water, the very elements that your signs fall under.

For as long as you understand and accept your differing love styles, your combination can be a very fertile one. Generally, problems arise because your aims are different. While you are both committed to a lasting partnership, you, Scorpio, put emphasis on the alliance’s emotional aspect while your soul mate places more effort on the practical aspect. Little control issues can be a source of problems over time if not taken care of as well. When you do sense your lover becoming emotionally distant, you may resort to different ways in order to regain some sense of control. But usually, your significant other may only appear “distant” because they are working on the nuts and bolts of your romance.

On the other hand, your lover may be frustrated by your silences because they are always willing to talk things over, and do not understand the necessity for the silent treatment! You can be good at knowing how to push your beloved’s buttons, and this is how you usually get the attention you want when you seem like you need it, but there are other more constructive ways to do this. For as long as the game-playing is kept within reasonable bounds, this love match has a number of strengths and a lot of potential.

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Match Love Scorpio/Virgo

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Aquarius Scorpio Love Match

Scorpio and Aquarius astrology signs in love: one of the more challenging combinations that don’t flow as effortlessly as others, your love match can work, of course, but understanding and acceptance are key for this romantic relationship to thrive. You will most likely be intrigued by your partner’s aloofness; vice versa your partner will find your intensity and passion quite attractive. Your other half has a knack for being able to take a step back from lots of emotional and partnership issues to gain a greater perspective and understanding from what’s going on. This may sound good to you, Scorpio, but you can also get easily frustrated, at times, when they do this. You do not understand why your Aquarius love is capable of detaching himself or herself, and why they may even choose to do so in the first place, and this may be something you take as a threat.

But on the other hand, your significant other can be quite baffled or overwhelmed by your passionate reactions and feel that you are too emotionally tangled up to find solutions to your issues. They are an objective individual and highly values his or her ability to reason things through. And the more intensely emotional you get, the more your partner might be inclined to give you more space. You might then interpret this “space” they are giving you as walking away, or lack of concern for the liaison. This creates a cycle that frustrates you even more.  But once understanding and self-awareness are thrown into the mix, you can still have a good love match, but expect tempestuous moments at times. At the very least, you will admire each other’s strength of character.

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Match Love Scorpio/Aquarius

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Scorpios Turbulent Passions

While Scorpios don’t like being referred to as jealous, the green-eyed monster lets itself out every now and then and rears it’s ugly head in your love match relationships. You have turbulent passions and an equally strong desire to control those passions, and so your partner doesn’t exactly understand the internal battle that’s going on inside of you at times. Others will either be very attracted to you or intimidated by your all-or-nothing approach to love and intense passion. Sex with you has to be intimate otherwise it’s uninteresting. You are intense and passionate – provocative at times, even. Your utmost concern in a love match is the level of commitment and passion in it; and when either one is missing, you will resort to great (but often subtle and cunning) means to keep your relationship from losing either one. It is safe to say that Scorpio are somewhat addicted to emotional excitement.

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