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These two belong to the same mental element air.
This in short means they are always trying to hone their intellect, their imagination and their communication skills by intermingling with other “worthy” people! Read intellectuals! If we come down to brass tacks-The Libra and Aquarius association is not very compatible. The Libra feels that the Uranus ruled water bearer is a touch stubborn. This is not the same as stagnated! The Aquarius soul is as open minded as they come. It’s just that they are reluctant to accept their flaws and are adept at justifying these flaws as virtues! On the other hand, the water bearer may complain that the scaly Libra is bossy. This is not the same as dictatorial or tyrannical because you will never find a more fair soul than a Libra! On some level both of them have identified the other spot on. The Aquarius is an organizer. Even though it seems dreamy and a little whimsical, if you peek inside its head you can see neat little cabinets of thoughts with possible future inventions and break throughs stowed away! So they may stick to their opinion a little too strongly.
The Libra is a leader! They may appear to be trying to make people come round to their way of thinking. But it is unintentional. They merely try to see the problem from the point of view of everybody.

LIBRA SPEAK: “If you are voting for a party you should do so after considering both it and the opposition completely!”

AQUARIUS SPEAK: “What consideration? I trust the straw polls! That’s pure mathematical indication of what the rest of the country thinks!”

Libra Zodiac Compatibility

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Libra is the embodiment of harmony, concord and equilibrium. And they like it that way. So when a tiny flame of a ram comes rushing into their life with all its heat, smoke and messy sweat…the poised Libra souls are not in seventh heaven. These two zodiacs are not compatible simply because they are opposed to each other on the wheel. Thus it follows that they should each envy what the other possesses and which they lack. Why does Aries envy Libra?
Well because of Libra’s Venus induced calm. If only the rams had the wherewithal to agonize over a decision before taking it, they would be much more successful in life. Not to say it is more constructive than being plagued by doubts when it is too late! But do Libras envy the baby Aries? Seems quite impossible but they do! Though effervescent themselves, Libras lack a certain life force which the fiery rams have in ample measure. And innocence! Having reached a marriageable age…Libras are no longer buds but ripe with the dew of sensuality.  Deep down inside however they still long for the comfort of mother’s touch. They would love to be as forthcoming and as direct as the Aries.

LIBRA SPEAK: “Do we buy a condo or a bungalow? Oh dear…..so much to think through and so many decisions to take!”

ARIES SPEAK: “Relax! I have already put a down payment on the Bungalow! It has a two car garage! Sweet! “

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


The Cancer is a water sign and Libra belongs to the air element. We know from our basic biology that water has a lot of dissolved air in it. In fact without it our under water fauna would not be alive! On the other hand we enjoy the miracle of rain because our atmosphere (air) has thousands of tiny water droplets dispersed through it. It sounds like a royally compatible association right? Well unfortunately they clash in a pattern that imbues their relationship with tension and anxiety. Generally when these two zodiacs meet it is:

A. Because of a higher power deeming it necessary so that they learn the important lesson of compromise.
B. At the workplace!

For a while everything is hunky dory as the crab and Libra sit together in mellow streaming moonlight laughing their tinkling laughs! But then the moon makes a sudden decision to turn the other way and the crabs become darker than a thundercloud brooding and murmuring in resentment. Libra relies on logic to get by and though they are sympathetic, this loony crab temperament defies all logic. After a while the beautiful Libra may huff in exasperation and leave the crab to brood on its own! The Cancer doesn’t need hard facts and logic. It craves the well-worn platitudes to help ease its insecurities!

LIBRA SPEAK: “How can your boss fire you? You have a contract right!”

CANCER SPEAK (darkly): “It’s recession! Anything goes!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


A Capricorn is an earthy leader! The Libra is an airy leader. And their planets- The heavy masculine Saturn and the pretty loving Venus refuse to date each other! Right here you can easily derive that these two zodiacs aren’t exactly the picture of compatible friendship! It is not very apparent in the beginning when a harmonious Libra meets a sage and wise goat.
They both abhor dissonance- Libra because discord is their mortal enemy and Capricorns because wasting precious time and not optimizing is a curse to them! Then comes the part where they sit down to exchange time management or calming strategies! And that is where it all blows apart. Libra has to win and Capricorns do not like losing. They might start a disagreement over whose tips are better. Even though Capricorns may agree to disagree, Libra can’t! It has to argue till the end in order to achieve personal harmony that only comes with victory.

LIBRA SPEAK: “They are saying the Internet is a curse! Especially to children!  One wonders how they can issue such discriminatory statements!”

CAPRICORN SPEAK: “With their mouths! Now get back to work!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


A Libra lovely is a perfect con artist. Hey do not balk……I mean it in a good way. They have their enchanting smiles, their buttery voices and their cute dimpled chins or knees or elbows….the perfect assets to melt opposition visually. If that is not enough they can use the push of their honed intellect, logic and deductive powers! If that doesn’t work, they can simply start talking amicably. Offer a drink and a massage. Then invite you to confide in them!
And actually listen to you. You may not be aware of it…but you have been expertly seduced. The only zodiac that can realize it without winking is Gemini! They are masters of the art of illusion and deception. And seduction is another form of illusion! After all Gemini is the first air sign…it invented this game of intense emotional impact to get its way and Libra is just emulating. So are they compatible? Might be! If Gemini can accept the fact that the scaly Libras will ultimately win being the air element leader and they will have to sustain their ambitions being expert communicators!

GEMINI SPEAK: “I was here before you kid!”

LIBRA SPEAK: “Silly baby! Don’t you know I am version 2.0?
Just ask Bill Gates!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


These two are like a gentle gust of salty sea breeze warmed by a tepid sun. In short they are compatible and stand a really good chance of having a truly fruitful relationship. One of the “made in heaven” affairs! Libra is fair and argumentative. These arguments are never initiated for the purpose of making a scene. For heaven’s sake it is self-defeating and so useless. These arguments are generated only if the other party is hell bent on accepting something without exploring every possible option and alternative. There is no chance of that happening with a Leo. Leos are master organizers! I guess that about describes these pseudo leaders right! They always take the best decision after due consideration because they need to do right by their “subjects”! Leos are infinitely courageous and they are loyal to their last breath. The appreciative Libra sees the rarity of these qualities and excuses the lion its small indulgences!

LEO SPEAK: “I am the best accountant they have!”

LIBRA SPEAK: “Yes dear! The other one is Simon and he isn’t even a bona fide accountant!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


It is always pleasant to witness the interactions of two Libras! Not only are these two very beautiful people….they are courteous and respectful of each other. It is a sheer visual treat because a Libra in love if possible is even more attractive and blooming than one is not with someone “special”!
Since both the halves are mental air signs and have a penchant for discussing things over, the association though compatible will have its fair share of debates and arguments. All in the spirit of exhuming the truth and not with malicious intents! Two Libras tend to understand each other much better than other more rigid signs. They empathize with the need to constantly weigh each decision and the need to do the “right” thing. With a little bit of verbal restraint on part of the male….females after all are genetically more prone to gab…this can be a very pleasant loving relationship where infidelity will never enter the scene and where the towels will always smell fresh and clean! Beauty is a way of life for the Venus ruled Libra and they will never do anything that is aesthetically unpleasing.

LIBRA MALE SPEAK: “You won’t believe what my boss said today. He called me lazy bones!”

LIBRA FEMALE SPEAK: “Don’t worry sweetie….they just don’t realize that perfection takes time and you always do perfect work!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


The Libras tend to have a 1000 watt smile. It is dazzling and breathtaking. One of the long list of positives that zodiac endows them with because they are ruled by the “beautiful” planet Venus! The Pisces fishes may not have that arsenal of sheer impact in their weaponry but they have beautiful eyes. Dreamy, limpid and clear, giving no indication of the doubts raging within! These eyes pull the Libras much more than any other sign. The harmonious and balanced scaly Libras who so love to discuss all the angles of everything are sometimes absolutely puzzled by the motives or the psychology behind what Pisces does!
But instead of being put off they have a need that drives them closer to the fishes. This is because the association is such that it guarantees some sort of service rendered by the fishes to the beautiful and alluring Libras. The fishes in turn are glad to help as they feel that the Libras can in some way take away some of their confusion with helpings of attractively worded logic and common sense. No wonder they are compatible together!

PISCES SPEAK: “Can I become a pig in my next life? I sure have been eating a lot in this one!”

LIBRA SPEAK: “Don’t be silly! Once you are a human, you stay one! Do you go back to a class after passing it??”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


This relationship though not very easy to define because of the duality of the signs involved ( Libra is two in the sense that it has two scales and the archer is composed of two parts- the human and the horse) but nevertheless is a very compatible and frankly endearing one!
The Sags are bright bouncy balls of Jupiter enthusiasm and positivity! Libras may have scales but there is nothing “scaly” about them. They are warm, optimistic and chronically fair individuals and their positivity is not adventitious. It stems from their beautiful soul and the conviction that all will be right with the world. Together they can fill a room with beauty (that Libra will contribute), mental agility (which both will) and brilliant humor (which Sagittarius will). The archer is extremely fond of causes as we all know by now! And if the cause is a truly worthy one, the gracious Libra will match its delicate tones to the slightly clumsy ones of the Sags and really make a difference in the lives of people around them. The Sagittarius should take care to treat the fine Libra taste and temperament with daily doses of respect and everything will be fine!!

LIBRA SPEAK: “Global warming….there must be some way to stop it!”

SAGITTARIUS SPEAK: “Let’s start an awareness campaign here!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


When the student is ready…the teacher shall emerge! And Scorpio is a formidable teacher. Especially those which prefer to fly like eagles and not sting like scorpions. The zodiac Scorpio is right after Libra in the order of things and thus the perceptive Libra realizes that the calm surface of Scorpio’s well of wisdom is deceptive.
That below lies treasures of experience and lessons of caution and an innate understanding of the mechanism of life. On the other hand the Scorpio will be tolerant of the Libran need to carefully weigh and discussing everything! It has recently felt the joys, the indecision and the pull of justice that Venus bestows on all its children and hence watches amused as Libra flits from one place to another, playing the mediator….oblivious of the fact that very soon bigger and more important problems will fill the horizon thanks to the Pluto vibrations! One note of caution is…the Libras should always treat the Scorpios with respect and not mistake their silence for lack of imagination. This might save them from many unnecessary stings and make the relationship quite compatible!  

LIBRA SPEAK: “My heart bleeds for the orphans!”

SCORPIO SPEAK: “Most of them wouldn’t be here if only people learnt to accept their mistakes!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign

Libra is a zodiac sign that needs to rest a lot. Hey…it’s not that they are lazy! Far from it! All that mental activity drains one physically too! You only need to see a Libra frenetic and trying to decide what the most equitable course of action is…and you can feel the mental wheels turning at lightning speed! It is not as easy as it seems. The Taurus people also have an innate inertia in their natures that makes them seem lazy. In reality it is not laziness but a calm unhurried bovine demeanor that is self-assured and confident of its importance in the social scheme.
So right off the bat we see that both the zodiacs are misunderstood by majority of the others on some account. The difference arises from the fact that Taurus has a deep seated respect of authority and detests flaunting rules but Libra sees every reason to challenge debate and discuss. But aren’t the scales ruled by Venus like the bulls? Yes they are and the edicts of peace and harmony apply to them. It is just that it’s inner peace and temperamental harmony that can’t be achieved if a Libra soul is not assured that every possible outlet has been scrutinized before accepting something. To be compatible both Libra and Taurus need to work on the association.

LIBRA SPEAK: “Can you believe what my stupid teacher said yesterday?”

TAURUS SPEAK: “Honey bunch….you don’t talk that way about your teachers!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


The Virgo is a feminine sign ruled by a masculine movement loving planet Mercury. Whereas the Libra is a masculine sign ruled by a feminine beauty loving planet Venus! So these two zodiacs have a great blend of desirable characteristics from both the masculine and feminine ends of the spectrum. Virgo says “I analyze” and Libra says “I balance”! It seems like they should be very compatible right from the start. But there is a big obstacle on the yellow brick road to the emerald for this Dorothy and Toto.
That is the virgin’s tendency to use its lethal pin pricks of “enhanced realism” on the Libran bubbles of positivity and optimism. Enhanced is just a polite way of saying that they can be spoil sports stressing on the negative instead of the positive even when it looks like something pleasant is on the horizon. This is not needed especially because the Libra is not the archer who needs a firm hold on terra firma. The Libra is a sign of logic and justice and they can do without the jabs of nagging and pessimism.

VIRGO SPEAK: “Oh god….oh god…..the tire is busted! Boss is going to sack us!”

LIBRA SPEAK: “Relax this is the first time…..he will understand! In the meantime let me look for a taxi!”

VIRGO SPEAK: “Drat! You want a taxi in the middle of NYC….you demented or what?? We are doomed!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign