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Leo Zodiac Compatibility

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The pussy cats are a fixed sign. That means they are stubborn and are likely to hold their ground in the face of opposition till the sun (their ruling body) flips over! The water bearing Aquarius is also a fixed sign. It is intelligent and most of the times very correct in its assumptions and considers a zodiac as puffed up with importance as the Leo to be a nuisance! The genius Aquarius knows that true power is knowledge and it is not any one’s birth right!
Leo’s feel they are entitled to the best because of their so called lineage! They are lions after all! And when these two zodiacs come together or rather clash together, there is bound to be a lot of collateral damage! The Leo has a lot to learn from the water bearer and that includes humility. If they do then the apparent similarities in their temperaments can come to the forefront and turn all that tension into something compatible!

LEO SPEAK: “That Aquarius blanks out mid-sentence! Is being all tripped out the new fad?”

AQUARIUS SPEAK: “Lovely! Just assume you will get everything on the merit of a glossy coat! That should really make you successful!”


Leo is a fire element. So is the archer (Sagittarius)! Leo absolutely loves to lead. The archer has its permanent spot in the public eye because of its passionate nature when any injustice has been done. Or its tendency to take up causes! But the problem is Leo is an organizer- planned, disciplined. The archer is a communicator. You can feel that Jupiter throb of intensity in their voices. Neither of them is a leader. So there is absolutely no clear winner when they try to play the game of “Who’s the boss?”
With its intelligence, you might think the archer would figure this out and tell the Leo, “Look mate…you win some, I win some!” But sadly that doesn’t happen. They continue to bandy words back and forth and that is quite tiring to us…who are not fire signs with tremendous energy. Despite of this problem, they are quite compatible and harmonious together.

LEO SPEAK: “Let’s renew the net subscription!”

SAGITTARIUS SPEAK: “I got a data card. No need! “

LEO SPEAK: “I am renewing the subscription. Your data card sucks!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


These two have oodles of natural sympathy in the relationship! The Aries is the baby of the zodiac family and the Lion knows this! A Lion is always fiercely protective of its loved ones and loyal till the last drop of blood in its body! So if you put a baby lamb in front of it….obviously it will feel a rush of pity and embrace it! So far so good! But what happens if the baby lamb turns into a ram and claims its position as the leader of the fire element and thus technically one step ahead of the Lion? Well the pussy cat may lift its royal tail, and walk away from the association, retreating coldly! Thus even though this is a fiery association because of the fact that the ram is more determined than stubborn saves the day!
All in all a compatible association if one of them is ready to leave a portion of the giant ego outside the door!

LEO SPEAK: “It’s the baby of the family! But it sure cries to attract attention!”

ARIES SPEAK: “MY needs are important! Baby trumps king any day!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Cancer crabs are gentle and sensitive souls. Soft spoken and sometimes even reticent! But wait till you hear it talk. Listen to how it takes a subject and turns you around to its way of thinking with a slight nudge here and an angelic smile there. Hear it quote a beautiful and appropriately chosen bible verse and you know that you are watching someone with all the depth of a calm ocean surface and the water wisdom in play. Crabs are great manipulators and this can irritate the Leo to no end. For the crabs there is a warning note. Leo is just after Cancer on the zodiac wheel and hence it is quite obvious that the loony crabs have a lot to learn from the cats.
On the other hand the Leos should show great sympathy to the crab and remember the hesitance and the insecurities of its adolescence. Otherwise this normally favorable association can never be truly “compatible”.

LEO SPEAK: “I will not even start on what it did the other day. Cancelled the order of my Persian carpet!”

CANCER SPEAK: “We already have one dearest. And you haven’t used it once. And you know it causes you allergies.”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


This is a very interesting pattern. Let me tell you why! Because the ruler of Capricorn is the wise indomitable Saturn. And it is this influence of Saturn that makes the Leos seem a tad bit immature and childish with their pride and arrogance in front of the goats. Don’t get me wrong. The goats are proud upright people too. Though not as bright and sunny as the pussy cats.
To a good old fashioned Capricorn knowing it is the best is not enough. There should be a string of great accomplishments to back up the fact that they excel. Capricorn is a leader. And its element is earth. So you can’t really blame yourself if you see one going sure footed up the corporate ladder. They are cautious deliberate and if need to charismatic. It’s quite unbeatable. If you are a Leo, you can already understand why the association cannot be truly compatible! Because a Cappy will steal the thunder with its knowledge and its wise nature!

LEO SPEAK: “I think we should change the satellite cable”

CAPRICORN:  “No we shouldn’t! Do you really think that with this crappy provider it’s going to make a difference? HD costs more and will probably look just as bad!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


The Gemini is a dual sign. That means there are two active, engaged and mercurial people in that one physical body! Watching Gemini in action is like watching a tennis match. You need to move your head from one corner to the other of the office or the house or the stage (most likely stage) to keep up with its antics!
This is one of the reasons why a Gemini can attract attention to itself instantly! The Mask played by Jim Carrie was a Gemini! That whirl of manic energy and activity is just what sets the Twins apart from the others. The Leo on the other hand is languid. It is soft pawed and graceful with a regal bearing! It knows it’s the best and thus it attracts attention instantly! Despite all their differences the Twins and the cats have a very compatible relationship. This is partly because Leo is a fixed sign or an organizer when everything about it screams leader. It thus has a hard time with those signs which are leaders like Capricorn and Cancer. Gemini is a communicator and thus more than eager to lavish praise on the Lion as long as its freedom is not curtailed by the shackles of marriage!

LEO SPEAK: “Is this dress looking good on me?”

GEMINI SPEAK: “Do you need to ask? That figure, that posture, that bearing!”

LEO SPEAK: “Meow!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Can there ever be too much of a good thing? Maybe! That is the same sentiment that can be echoed for a Leo-Leo couple! Leos are warm, generous, proud, loyal and fiercely protective. Two Leos when they meet in any setting-office or home or squash field…they feel an instant magnetic attraction to each other! It is after all really easy to spot a leonine pussy cat. Just look for the slight upward tilt to the chin and the erect backbone. And look for the snazzy shoes. A Leo man is an awesome force of nature. He is handsome, tall and in most cases very generous with his compliments when it comes to the opposite sex. A Leo female is one heady woman.
She can purr when she is pleased or bring down an enemy twice her size in the boardroom with a mighty roar of her intellectual power. They are jetsetters born for the good life and a steady circle of admirers. They can play each other in supreme harmony as long as one of them is willing to reduce that ego by a tad bit! Compatible and sensuous a Leo-Leo association is smooth and mellow! At least in the good times!

LEO FEMALE SPEAK: “I am looking good right?”

LEO MALE SPEAK: “Yes! But what about me??”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Oh dear! Now we have the pussy cat and the scales. What need can there possibly be in the life of a Lion for a pair of scales? The lion always knows what is just! His words. It can equally be her words. And on the other hand Librans find Leos more than a little weird. How can they be so complacent that whatever comes out of their mouths is the truth, the absolute truth and nothing but the truth! How can anyone decide on a particular course of action to take without analyzing for a considerable period of time the pros and the cons! This sort of reluctance to admire and blindly take for granted the leonine pearls of wisdom, sets the lions nerves on the edge.
Thus these two zodiac signs generally do not interest each other enough to get into a serious relationship.
In work, they will be tolerant of each other and that is the limit of them being “compatible”.

LEO SPEAK: “There it goes again! The merits of acidophilus milk are now going to be discussed for all eternity”

LIBRA SPEAK: “Obviously! Unlike some silly cats I know, I like to know what I am putting in me!”

LEO SPEAK: “Bet its gas!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Pisces loves to be dominated. As long as it is done genially and with affection. Not because they are witless. Far from it. They are the oldest souls in the zodiac wheel. Slipping and sliding through all the houses they have previously visited. They need to day dream. They love to think of the pearly gates of heaven which are just an arm’s length away.
The wonders at the end of an interminable journey! So it is quite pleasant for them if some loving big cat can come along and take care of the day to day decisions and the organizing. This is a very relaxed, very compatible and very loving association.

LEO SPEAK: “I think you should wear the red tie to the Bar mitzvah! “

PISCES SPEAK: “Whatever you say dear!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Now this association is not the picture of rosy understanding and empathy. They both have a healthy respect for each other. That much is give! But respect and being compatible is not the same thing. Leo realizes that Scorpio may eventually drown out its fire and warmth. Still waters run deep and it is so true in case of the Scorpio. On the other hand the scorpion realizes that a lion can easily dehydrate it’s sensitivity and reduce it to a husk of its former self! That loss of power is worse than death to a Pluto ruled Scorpio. So they tend to maintain their distance.
However if they do come together for some reason, the Leo’s should take care not to try and dominate the scorpion. If they take this wish too far towards action they might be stung in a very nasty way. Being compatible here will take work!

LEO SPEAK: “I told you the other day to format the computer! But you didn’t listen to me”

SCORPIO SPEAK: “Why? Are you a silicon genius now? As far as I remember you flunked in computer!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign

Leos need heaps of compliments to be assured of the fact that they are being appreciated. The bulls on the other hand need lots of affection to be assured that they are loved.
The goal may be different but the bottom line is these are two emotionally hungry zodiacs which need a lot to be satisfied. So this relationship may become quite unsatisfactory. The general tendency of the association is to veer towards not being compatible. But if Taurus can just pause a little and use that earthy patience to coddle to lion a little, cook for it and tuck it in…the lion will be hooked and will salivate for more. Then a great strong relationship can be established!

LEO SPEAK: “I hurt my toe!”

TAURUS SPEAK: “Lucky you! I cut my hand!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign


Leo and Virgo.....not the most compatible association if satisfaction and mutual happiness are to be considered! Leos are not sadists by nature per se. Virgins are not masochists per se! But it may take a nasty turn if the virgins start out being too compliant. The Leos will then take immense joy in “guiding” the poor frazzled virgins. After all they are so painfully conscious of their duties and the dereliction on part of the others.
They are disillusioned and not at peace with themselves. So the Leos think they have found the ultimate subject. But at some point of time it is necessary that Virgo stand up for itself or the normally magnanimous Leo may become quite a tyrant.

LEO SPEAK: “Don’t drink after 10. It makes you too loose!”


Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign