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Best Gemini Love Match

Cancer Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Cancer astrology signs in love: Both you and your partner have side-by-side Venus signs. This means that, in a love match, you have very little in common. Your varied characteristics and personalities are a source of great fascination and interest between the two of you. Gemini, your take on love is markedly different, and you mirror traits that your partner lacks, and vice versa. There is strong attraction between you. Your Cancer partner is uniquely nurturing, his/her memory of their loved ones is outstanding flattering at best.

You are cherished and doted on by your significant other. On the other hand, your approach is more cerebral. Your lover finds your cheerful disposition enthusiastic, likes your flexibility, and is charmed by your wit. Over time, your uniquely different ways of showing love can also become difficulties that boil down to a clash in values. Your Cancerian lover is soft-hearted although they do not always show or admit this. Your adoring soul mate will probably play along with your lighthearted games, but ultimately, what they long for is warmth. You, Gemini, believe that all problems can be solved by talking it over, but your Cancer partner values a more emotional bond and prefers actions over words. They show their love through their commitment and through their gestures, and this may leave you wanting for more fun and excitement in your love life.

But on the positive side, you will be able to count on your companion for emotional support and to make you feel safe. This is an important thing for you because you can tend to go through some very uncertain and insecure moments in life. Your partner likes it that you are quite flexible, and in return will reward you with a commitment that is hard to break. Try to focus more on tenderness when you express love, as this can only take your bond from strength to strength.

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Match Love Gemini/Cancer

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Aries Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Aries astrology signs in love: Love for both Aries and Gemini means fun in a romantic relationship. You expect each other to take an active part in it, and neither of you will be happy with a boring moment. Both are pleased with the amount of freedom each grants to the other, and your enthusiastic natures can only bring more excitement and fun into the love match. You, Gemini, are more intellectual than Aries, finding good conversations more stimulating. You are in the most loving of moods when you have a good verbal exchange with your partner. Aries also enjoys fun, but not necessarily in the form of lengthy conversations. If the talk drags on too much, they may find this mind-numbing. The key here is balance enthusiastic activity with quiet ways in which to enjoy each other.

Aries also has a tendency to become impatient with your indecisiveness, and when conversations stray away from their favorite topic, which is themselves! The biggest problem in your romance might be instability. You are very impulsive with each other, and neither of you are given to setting goals for your partnership. You are very good at living in the moment with each other, but this alone cannot bring dependability and stability to the love affair. In fact, your powerful attraction to each other runs on a hot and cold dynamic.
Harnessing this passion and energy you have for each other may not be easy for you at first, but if you can slow down while still enjoying each other at the same time, your love match can be both intense and rich for a long time.

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Match Love Gemini/Aries

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Taurus Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Taurus astrology signs in Love: As both your Venus signs are side-by-side, this means you both take a very different approach to love, leading to much fascination and intrigue. Side-by-side signs tend to come up more frequently in a love match than those considered to be more traditionally compatible. However, if you don’t accept and work around your differences, lots of disagreements can ensue over time. In love, Taurus is a steady person. They are sensual and practical at the same time, taking commitments very seriously. Although intrigue is what attracts you to each other, the problems start once you realize your values do not jive. You, Gemini, savor verbal exchanges and intellectual conversations while Taurus values security and stability.

You show your love by teasing, playing, and being interesting. Taurus, on the other hand, puts priority on dependability and intellectual stimulation is a bit further down on their list. Touch, being consistent, and being physically present communicates love more to your partner than beautiful words. When devoted companion needs to energize, they turn to natural and physical pleasures, often by themselves. When you need to unwind, you want to be able to talk it out. You, Gemini, come alive in new environments and experiences, while your partner likes familiarity and consistency more than change. This partnership has a lot of potential, but first you both have to be willing to learn from each other because each of you express qualities that the other lacks. However, if you insist in your ways and refuse to learn and compromise, this love match will be rocky indeed.

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Match Love Gemini/Taurus

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Capricorn Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Capricorn astrology signs in love: This unusual pairing is one of the more fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Your approach to love and commitment is lighter than your partner’s, and you definitely bring humor, activity, and liveliness to the love match. For your other half, commitment is a big deal, and this commitment is where all their love for planning for the future is based. Capricorn lovers are both practical and sensual at the same time, a bit shy or awkward during the first stages of love, but turns out to be quite dependable in the long run. Your beloved treasures their solitude just as much as you, Gemini, value your space. So, as long you can avoid feeling threatened by your partner’s need for alone time and take advantage of these moments to pursue your various interests, this can work out.

Your soul mate will be able to handle your teasing and quips more than others, but can often complain that your head is too far up in the clouds. While their feet are firmly on the ground, they do not shy away from ambition, and in their constant pursuit of their goals and their alone time, you may tire of them and find them boring after a while. This is not to say that they are really boring, but you you’d be left wanting a more lively and active partner. But from their side of things, they might think that you are shallow and unsubstantial because of this desire of yours. It all boils down to different perceptions and different values. This love match is definitely not an easy one, Air with Earth and Cardinality with Mutability. Gemini and Capricorn have little in common, but a lot of couples have this combination probably due to the fact that they are so different.

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Match Love Gemini/Capricorn

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Gemini Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Gemini astrology signs in Love: since both of you have similar characteristics, and have similar needs in a love match, you bring together both the strengths and the weaknesses of a true Gemini! You will be delighted in your partners willingness to entertain, have fun, and have good and deep conversations. You will satisfy each other’s intellectual and social needs. Your romantic relationship will most likely be a relaxed one, not being laced with jealousy or over-possessiveness, but having changeable moods, it can definitely run hot and cold sometimes.

Both of you are easily turned on, and are as easily turned off. The timing of both your moods and wants may not match at any given time, and a few stormy moments can arise out of this. That is why Gemini and Gemini will probably work out more as a short term affair than a long-term alliance, unless stronger connections (like a few boosts from Saturn) exist to hold your bond tighter for the long haul. Nevertheless, this love match can be  quite interesting and lively. As you both are insatiably curious and have ever-changing interests, lots of other partners do not easily understand this trait and find it threatening, but your Gemini soul mate should meet you on this level, theoretically speaking.

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Match Love Gemini/Gemini

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Leo Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Leo astrology signs in Love: from the moment your eyes meet, the first thing you will notice about each other is that you both like fun in love. You are both very playful lovers, probably childlike! But, Gemini your liking for too much variety may make your partner be a little threatened, only because they always want to be the center of your attention. Your adorable companion appreciates that you love to talk, but their immense need to feel secure in a love match may appear to be downright jealously, particularly because you don’t seem, to the naked eye, to be the most loyal or steadfast of partners.

When your Leo partner feels threatened or insecure, he/she will unleash their melodramatic tendencies. As you are not naturally melodramatic yourself, you may not fully understand this and may even find this amusing or entertaining to their further annoyance! As fun as your beloved may seem to be, they have more need for constancy than you, and can still find your ever constant need for stimulation and variety flighty and shallow. Despite these issues, this love match is a mostly positive one, and intriguing at the most. If your partner’s Venus forms a sextile to your Venus, you will find a lot to like about each other, and this mutual appreciation and warm you to each other more.

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Match Love Gemini/Leo

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Libra Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Libra astrology signs in Love: Gemini and Libra is a lively love match where communication is not only a mutual value, it is effortless and flows just like second nature. The fabulous conversations you will share with each other will make you feel like kindred spirits. Not only do you like talking with each other, you also treat each other with great respect. Varied social and mental stimulation is a common interest. But Libra is more excited and focused on the two of you being together, but you are not so specific in who you share your needs for stimuli with.

Because you both enjoy communicating in romantic relationships, there is a tendency for you to compete over who should talk and who should listen. Your partner may also not like it that you are not as romantic as they are, and you can be a bit too abrasive with your wit and analytical at times. You, on the other hand, may wonder why your significant other wants you to spend more time together more often than you think is needed. As Gemini and Libra are both Air signs, there isn’t much jealousy or possessiveness in your love match, and you tend to not make decisions very easily or form practical and mutual goals. But in nearly all other instances, you are speaking the same language! And cooperating with each other is as easy as pie.

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Match Love Gemini/Libra

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Pisces Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Pisces astrology signs in Love:  Different needs in a love match and different ways of expressing love in a romance can be a source of fascination, just as easily as it can be the source of many of your conflicts! As a Gemini your desire for communication is strong, and your Pisces lover also wants to feel strongly connected. However, your values lean more on the cerebral aspect of love while Pisces values the power of romantic understatement. You want everything to be properly defined, but your partner has difficulty making concrete statement when it comes to love. Both your good-natured, live and let live mentality will definitely help your romantic relationship, but you are also quite changeable and inconsistent in love.

Your needs in love are very different. Your partner is very intuitive one, preferring to keep passion on an emotional level. Trying to pull definitions, answers, or analyses out of your Pisces partner will only frustrate you both. This unmet intellectual need of yours can leave you wanting for more, and their elusiveness can leave you frustrated. On the other hand, they can find your energy unsettling and your playfulness unnerving. But Piscean lovers are generally forgiving. To make this alliance work, you both have to focus on the positive aspects of your pairing. While with totally different wants, needs, and values, you are both flexible and intelligent people capable of meeting half way with love, respect, and tolerance as the foundation of your love match.

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Match Love Gemini/Pisces

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Sagittarius Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Sagittarius astrology signs in Love: The Venus signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite in the zodiac, but similarities are present. Both of you love freedom and stimulating conversations. There might not always be a meeting of minds between you two, but there will definitely be some passionate discussions. You both have restless natures and insatiable curiosities, not wanting a stuffy or confining love match. Your Sagittarian partner tends to be more passionate in their visions and beliefs than you are, but your love of fun and humor are a common factor in your approach to love. But unless there are stronger and more supporting aspects in your synastry, this pairing can be broken easily out of impulse.

You could both benefit from a partner who keeps you grounded by reminding you of the long term. Your beloved puts honesty first over mental exchanges, but for you, mental exchanges come first. And since you are both restless, this is probably best spent on activities that you enjoy doing together, such as traveling, instead of spending it on finding holes in your romantic relationship. This love match can work with a lot of compromising and meeting in the middle. You both can lean a lot from each other. And if you can live harmoniously despite your differences, it will pay off.

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Match Love Gemini/Sagittarius

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Scorpio Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Scorpio astrology signs in love: One of the most challenging love match combinations, a definitely odd couple. But often, some people gravitate towards challenges, and a great deal can be learned from people who are entirely different from ourselves. On a spiritual plane, like attracts like. But on the physical level, opposites often attract! At first, the attraction between you may be intense, as you are both curious lovers, but in entirely different ways. However, the very differences that attracted you to each other are the very things that can cause the cracks and bumps in your romantic relationship over time.

You are both provocative, but you show this by teasing and flirting in a lighthearted way, while your Scorpio partner is intense and long for intimacy. And when this intimacy is threatened during the times when you are just being your playful and lighthearted self with others, your significant other can show they are being provocative in attempting to regain a sense of control and to keep the intimacy between you as they see fit. Scorpios are a scheming lot, and they know how to push your buttons in subtle ways. Your lover wants your body, and your soul. You, Gemini, want things to be fun, while your partner will gladly sacrifice fun for intensity, which can be too intense for your taste. Blending these distinctly different love match styles can be very challenging, but once mastered, will be equally rewarding.

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Match Love Gemini/Scorpio

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Virgo Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Virgo astrology signs in Love: As your Virgo partner values intelligence and communication just as much as you do, there can be quite a lot of mental attraction between you. You are both curious and restless. And while you both find sharing ideas important, your Virgo partner maybe more discriminating in terms of who they talk with and what they talk about. Your other half comes alive in a love match that’s established. But you, Gemini, need a little more freedom to fully realize who you are and may often turn to people other than your partner for mental stimulation. While this is healthy for you, this can be a bit intimidating for your soul mate, as he/she would want to be the most indispensable person in your life.

You have a happy-go-lucky disposition in love, expressing yourself through teasing and joking. But your lover is more sensitive, and might take your teases and jokes a little too seriously for them to be impressed. As you thrive on variety, you tire of a romantic relationship quite easily once it starts becoming too predictable. Virgo is also restless and doesn’t want to be in a partnership that is too predictable and safe, but what they want and need is an established romantic alliance. You are both flexible, but you stretch this flexibility farther such that him / her can feel uncomfortable. If your Virgo lover starts questioning how sincere and constant you are in your love match, give them regular and thoughtful reminders of how much you do. Your thoughtfulness can make the world of a difference.

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Match Love Gemini/Virgo

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Aquarius Gemini Love Match

Gemini and Aquarius astrology signs in love: One of the easier love match, Gemini and Aquarius stimulate each other, enjoy each other’s company, and share quite a handful of common interests. You both love good talks and desire growth. Compared to other zodiac signs, your Aquarius partner may more easily understand your inconsistent tendencies. Others see this as flakiness, but your significant other simply sees this as being changeable. However, your true love is more stubborn than you are.

While your moods are changeable, your other half is completely unpredictable, and not nearly as flexible as you are. A few problems can arise out of this, but if the love is strong enough between you, as the more flexible one you will probably be the one doing more adjusting. You both understand that individuals also need space of their own in order to grow, and you both like it that neither gets easily jealous and possessive of the other. Your romantic relationship is characterized by cheerfulness, liveliness, and plenty of activity. This is a creative pairing, and as you work on keeping things fresh, your partner will steady things for you. Even in the best of relationships, mutual admiration is rare. But this love match will more than likely have it.

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Match Love Gemini/Aquarius

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Gemini Long Term Loyalty

Gemini you are very communicative and responsive to any love match you are involved in. You aren’t the soul-searching type though, and because you are so quick to answer, this makes you come off to others as insincere. You long for variety and freedom in love to match your desires, but you have a tendency to gloss over intense topics. This can make some partners think you are as shallow and substantial as a puddle of water on the ground. Some Gemini’s have a tendency to go from one lover to the other for fear of the thought of having to commit themselves to only one person. But most are well capable of loyalty in the long-term. They just want spice and excitement in their relationship. To Gemini, commitment matches dullness in romance.

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