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Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

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The crab and the water bearer Aquarius may seem at first glance to have nothing in common. Their relationship is such that the crab finds Aquarius quite mysterious and the water bearer finds Cancer to be quite different. In short they never really see eye to eye! But if they dig deeper they can find some similarities in their nature that can make the relationship compatible if both the parties try! For example, the crab is quite moody. Its manner changes like clockwork with the waxing and waning of the moon-its ruling planet! The Aquarius is also equally strange. It can phase out in the middle of a conversation and start thinking about some arcane metaphysical problem! But from all this abstractness can stem true understanding of each other if only time is devoted!

CANCER SPEAK: “Oh wow! This water bearer is quite a rude body! (Pause) “Well…maybe not rude! But definitely “different””!

AQUARIUS SPEAK: “They say I am always in a zone! These crabs are much worse. Loony one moment, looser the other!”

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These two zodiacs do not like each other! No sir! Cancer is cautious, just at the threshold of adult life and thus very self-conscious and cautious! Like teenagers find no time for infants…similarly Cancer has no time to deal with the abundance of Martian energy that Aries tends to display! Compatible? You got to be kidding! The constant rushing around of Aries makes the crab dizzy and a dizzy crab just can’t walk straight! Not that crabs do! They with their weird side walking will try to avoid confrontations! But the ram will batter down opposition and finds the subdued Cancer quite insipid! All in all it is not the best match and if things get too tiring, its best to move on! Because neither the Ram will change, nor the crab! They are both leaders and none will back down!

CANCER SPEAK: “No comments! I am still terribly hurt over the last escapade this stupid ram pulled!”

ARIES SPEAK: “Let it mope! Who cares?”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Two crabs together make a crab paradise! Of all the zodiac patterns that go well together the Cancer-Cancer relationship takes the cake! A crab has a lot of insecurities! What if the mailman doesn’t come on time with the all-important letter? What if the next door neighbors start hating them? What if recession hits again? And so on and so forth! Only another crab can understand the desperation behind the sudden bouts of crankiness and the stretches of maniacal laughter! They are overdoing the façade to make up for the holes inside! It is very easy to dig a little crab hole! Just tell it that the hat isn’t looking great and for the rest of their life, a hat will be a matter of grave concern.
The female crab understands the male crab completely! It needs tender love and affection! And care packages. He in turn knows that anniversaries are all important! A great little compatible match!

CANCER SPEAK FEMALE: “Cuchi coo….wooshy wooshy…I love you!”

CANCER SPEAK MALE: “Isn’t she gorgeous? Reminds me of my mother!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


The crab and the goat! Not compatible! They are 180 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel and that shows loud and clear in their human contact! A Cancer is a soft dependent creature, prone to whims and fancies! The Capricorn is one hell of a stable sign. They have both hooves firmly planted on the ground! They simply do not have the time to pander to the ego or the capricious nature of the crab! A Cappy is too busy running forward straight to the goal post to put up with the crab’s meanderings! It is likely that if the crab doesn’t buckle up and take some very strong reality checks, the saturnine Capricorn may make some comment laced with dry humor like: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn…and move on!

CANCER SPEAK:  “Money doesn’t make the world go round you know!”

CAPRICORN SPEAK: “Last I heard, neither does depression!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


The crab is feminine. It means it is cautious and deliberate! The Gemini twins are masculine! Energetic, outgoing and free! On the surface of it, they may seem to have a lot alike and be really compatible! They are both great talkers and they are both great dreamers! Crabs dream up a pleasant emotional adventure that ends with a chaste kiss. The Gemini dreams up a frenzied roller coaster of an outing that ends with the twins going on more adventures! That is precisely the point where the trouble starts! The twins value their freedom tremendously! The crab on the other hand finds the Gemini quite attractive and thus will not let go! It may end in heartache for the emotionally charged crab if the twins decide one fine morning to go away on another trip! Which does not include the crab! One of them will have to sacrifice! But the rewards may be great!

CANCER SPEAK: “The twins are like a sudden gust of warm spring breeze!”

GEMINI SPEAK: “The crabs are wonderfully imaginative and get me right! But so does Aquarius! How can I decide without trying them too?”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


This is now quite an odd equation. Technically Leo is just after Cancer on the zodiac wheel! So what do we expect? Compatible cuddling! But in this case we see that the two signs struggle quite a bit to get along with each other!
Leo is not sympathetic and understanding and the crabs are quite crabby about learning from the pussy cats! This is against the laws of karma and so if the crabs and the cats do not get along or at least try their level best to do so…they may be skipping out on an important lesson to be mastered! The Cancer has to learn from Leo. And yes the pussy cats can teach the crabs a lot- confidence, regal behavior and equanimity. In return the cats need to understand the trials and tribulations of Cancer! The dilemma of adolescence! Since they have experienced it so recently!

CANCER SPEAK: “No! I am not doing what that cat is trying to tell me! Let’s see if I can make it dance to my tunes!”

LEO SPEAK: “I have absolutely no patience with wormy people! The crabs are positively wormy!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Libra is the most balanced and just of all the signs! It is also an air sign-open, talkative and free. The crab on the other hand is a water sign. It is secretive, a little sly sometimes and quite mysterious! The association between a water sign and an air sign is the most challenging and difficult to understand. They have their undeniable differences, but if they can conquer these then they will be home free and great rewards will be theirs! Even though the pattern is such that there should be quite a bit of tension between the crab and the scaly Libra, but like discussed earlier…Libra is the picture of patience and justice. The soul now wants to experience marriage and thus responsibilities!
And looking after a distraught crab is a huge responsibility! The crabs even though moody have a loony sense of humor and they love the fact that Libra laughs with them, not at them. All in all, the association can defy expectations and be compatible if both parties dig in their heels….or claws!

CANCER SPEAK: “What a mellow laugh! Though argues a lot!”

LIBRA SPEAK: “I love looking after it…but for a change it could stop pouting!!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Great! We are now delving deep under water folks! The crab and the fish! They just have to be compatible…no matter what!
Their association is such that they understand each other remarkably. To the rest of the world they are moody, secretive and unpredictable. But to each other, they are like an echo of their own self and for most part. Life goes on smooth and mellow punctuated by the gossip of the chatty Cancer and the head nodding of the attentive Pisces! A Cancer may only sometimes have trouble predicting the mood of the slippery fish. But the phase passes and they can return to happy splashing! The crab is the leader and the fish is the communicator! Their harmony is enviable!

CANCER SPEAK: “Fishes! I love fishes. I just wish I could understand why they snap sometimes!”

PISCES SPEAK: “Very comfortable!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Imagine this: A soft pat of butter. Quivering and melty! Now imagine a very sharp knife plunging into it! What happens? The butter is violated! But in the long run, people can eat it easier! That is exactly what the relationship between the archer and the crab is like. Most archers are like big clumsy sheep dogs! Remember Beethoven the Saint Bernard? Well something like that. They love to take up causes and deliver the unvarnished truth in one sling of an arrow! The crabs find it very painful. Very difficult! At first! But soon they realize that this is one individual who can’t help being brutally honest. They are victims of helplessness themselves-being pushed around by the lunar pull! They eventually find the tactlessness quite funny and endearing. Something they can teach the big Sags! Something to lead them with! Not compatible….but not exactly uncomfortable!

CANCER SPEAK: “Very tactless. But on the other hand the sillier the person, the easier it is to make them play fetch!”

SAGITTARIUS SPEAK: “Oh dear! Why do they sob so much? All I said was “You walk funny!” They kind of do! Sideways!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


This is quite a compatible association. The crab and the Scorpio have a good chance of making it out of a shipwreck. Much more than the other astrological combinations! This is because they share some very common traits. Say “guarantee” to an Aries and it will toss its head in distress. Guarantees are equivalent to “boring”. But for a Scorpio or a Cancer….guarantees are the golden key to a shining successful future. The Scorpios though are mesmerized by the mysteries of nature, but they want to know that after travelling all the roads of the world to get to the heart of the problem, the riddle will be solved! For the crab, the security net is the most important thing in the world. Like an adolescent clings to its pocket money, the adolescent Cancer clings to guarantees as the solution to all problems! This in turn gives the two water zodiacs a strong chance of mingling together!

CANCER SPEAK: “I have never said this to a single soul, only to my Scorpio….but I am secretly bulimic!”

SCORPIO SPEAK: “Shit!....I am in love!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


The Bull is an earth sign and the crab is a water sign. In general, these two elements mix together quite well. The other thing in favor of this relationship is the fact that Cancer is a leader and Taurus is an organizer by nature. Hence there is no clash of interests! The bull may shake its head slightly at all the intangible fears which plague the crab. But there is no anger or disgust. There is pity! No moon or for that matter of fact no storm or tidal wave can ever shake the bull from its stand point! So Taurus sympathizes with the fact that the crab has to be tossed around so unceremoniously in the sea of emotions! The crab on the other hand loves the fact that the bull doesn’t seem inclined on rushing around from one thing to the other! A bull is a homebody and this pleases Cancer to no end. Needless to say a very pleasant and compatible association!

CANCER SPEAK: “You aren’t going to leave me right?”


Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Even though on the surface of it an association between the crab and the virgin may seem quite impractical….think of it this way! The virgins are a little uptight. They can never let their hair loose and that makes them a little crabby! On the other hand the crabs by nature are a little timid and this is associated with real virgins- this timorous nature! So you see…there is after all a common starting point! Like all water-earth associations, the water can actually enrich the texture of the earth…make it more fertile and welcoming, so in real life, Cancer can make the precise and sometimes a little lackluster Virgo shine with the glow of companionship and love!
A compatible relationship indeed!

CANCER SPEAK: “I thought I am morose…but the virgin is so controlled all the time…it makes morose seem great!”

VIRGO SPEAK: “I can learn a thing or two from the crabs I guess!”

Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Image of a horoscope star sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign