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Aries Zodiac Compatibility

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These two zodiac signs are influenced by a unique pattern. One that is determined by destiny! When Aries meets Aquarius it is to teach each other things that they lack. Their auras mingle to produce a feeling of well being and experiences of shared travel, education and spiritual discovery. They might even awaken memories of past reincarnations and are inherently compatible. They have a fantastic quality in common. The new, unexplored and uncharted excites them. They are keen on exploring things and extracting the last bit of information from it, mastering it and then casting it aside to move on to the next new attraction! Despite this constant searching and ferreting out facts that they both tend to do…the relationship is strangely compatible. In love though the vagueness of the Aquarius may sometimes annoy the more physical ram!

ARIES SPEAK: “The water bearer is great! I just wish it would pay me a little more attention. Hello! Baby in the house!”

AQUARIUS SPEAK: “Huh! What was the question again? I was exploring a new website!”


This is a harmonious and compatible zodiac relation. Both of the halves of the couple tend to lead with their heads and have gigantic egos. So this is one roller coaster of a relationship. But there is also that surge of empathy and understanding. Who can sympathize more with an Aries in the face of the cruel world who doesn’t care about their smallest needs and whims? Who else another Aries! An Aries couple will rarely stay home. Monday may be canoeing day, Tuesday rock climbing and oh yes Wednesdays are gym days! The energy of this couple can leave most others dizzy. Everything is pretty hunky dory till you start the “Who’s better contest”. Then it may turn into a long drawn quite trenchant argument!

ARIES SPEAK (MAN): “She cooked for three straight hours even when I was laid up with a fever. That just doesn’t do it! But come to think of it she understands me better than anyone else.”

ARIES SPEAK (WOMAN): “He went on a business trip on the day of our anniversary! I wanted to break the vase over his silly head! But then he bought back a diamond ring! Can any girl stay angry after that? “

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Picture this! A bucket of cold water is tipped over a raging fire. What happens? The fire dies but the embers continue to glow. Ready to fan into another conflagration! This is what the relationship between an Aries and Cancer is like. Being a water sign Cancer is abnormally sensitive and the moon may play havoc on their emotions. The whirlwind of Arian energy may make them disoriented and bemused. On the other hand the serious contemplative Cancer may seem like a big bore to the bright fiery Arian. The sign of the Cancer is the breast. The part of the body that is associated with motherhood. So an Aries-Cancer offspring-mother duo may have it easier than a romantic couple in terms of being compatible.

ARIES SPEAK: “I have had it! One day these damn Cancers are laughing like a loon and the next day they are darker than a thunder cloud!”

CANCER SPEAK: “Rude, inconsiderate brutes! What will they know of sensitivity?”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


A goat with a ram! May seem like the picture of horned bliss! But there are rough patches in the association. Especially since the zodiac configuration is square or opposed to each other. People in a relationship that has the zodiacs in the square may often feel like round pegs in well…square holes! There is bound to be often tension and conflict in personality between an Aries and a Capricorn because of this reason. Aries souls literally float and fly through life. They are gay, joyous and innocent. A Capricorn can never dream of floating through life. Their hooves are too firmly entrenched in mounds and mounds of earth. And they are ruled by the planet Saturn. The very embodiment of everything “saturnine” Dark and brooding is what describes a Cappy perfectly. Just take a look at the famous goat Edgar Allen Poe. No one can accuse him of light hearted frivolity. As for innocence…a goat is never innocent. The little ones too seem to possess some ancient wisdom and knowing. With so many conflicting traits it is not an easy task to be compatible- either in friendships or in relationships!

ARIES SPEAK: “Just an old goat….bah!! I don’t bother with the crypt keeper!”

CAPRICORN SPEAK:  “Can you believe it? Only the other day that impertinent ram asked me my income!! Wastes time!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


They are both intensely physical. They are voluble, loquacious and charming. They are both idealists and they love causes.  This relationship looks like a success story from the word go! The creativity and the impetuousness of Aries and Gemini mingle together to create one boom of energy, positivity and light. Together they can light up the whole town or paint it a flashy red. To say they are compatible wouldn’t be hitting too far off the mark.  Gemini is (or are since there are two of them!) an air sign. So obviously a Gemini can fan the fires of Aries and win its heart.

ARIES SPEAK: “A Gemini makes me soar to much greater highs! I feel intoxicated!”

GEMINI SPEAK: “Aries may be the baby of the family, but they sure can warm the cockles of my heart!”

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The one zodiac that Aries can’t sweep off the feet and impress with their dazzling natures is Leo. On the contrary a Leo may teach Aries to enjoy submission and thus become meek little lambs ready to do the bidding of the master. Aries loves to win. They have to be numero uno. It is a matter of personal pride. The lion on the other hand knows it is born to rule and so may find the constant need of Aries to prove itself immature and quite undesirable. They are both fire signs and thus limelight is theirs. Aries with a perfectly executed stand-up comic act and the Leo with just one haughty look will try to assert its position as the best. But the fact that Leo can see the hidden insecurities behind the Aries façade can give the association a somewhat compatible tag.

ARIES SPEAK: “I have decided to do it. I won’t listen to the big cat this time around!”

LEO SPEAK: “Listen to yourself you big baby! You don’t know how wrong you are!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


These two signs are opposed to each other! In Layman’s language they can never see eye to eye lacking the qualities of each other! On top of that both of them are masculine cardinal signs. Thus both of them are born to rule! And lead. Just like fire can heat up air and make it rise, an Aries can cause the Libran temper (which is always so divinely balanced) to rise! On the other hand Libra can fan the fires of an Aries and result in an out of control flame! In short: Not compatible! These two zodiac signs are bound to be at each other’s throats and even if they do realize that their reaction is far out of proportion to the provocation…they may find it very difficult to control themselves!

ARIES SPEAK: “What do these Librans think of themselves. Arguing all the time! It isn’t the end of the world. It’s just a stupid wallpaper!”

LIBRA SPEAK:  “They are jealous of my intelligence. A ram after all is not a very intellectual animal (sic)!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


Pisces-the old daddy of the ladder! The last stage of the evolution of a soul! A Pisces has successfully completed each rung of the twelve zodiac signs. It has won. It is the wisest and like a true genius it is humble and mild mannered. Off the bat you may feel like the fiery Aries can with its aggressiveness trample the gentle and kind hearted Pisces! The Pisces is the picture of accommodating. They are like Mr. Nice. They abhor outright confrontations and despise violation of privacy. Show them the ram preening in front of thousands of clicking cameras and maybe the fish will feel astonished at the brashness and unsophisticated behavior of the ram. It is fun to see a goat and a fish in love! They might not understand each other half the times. For the goat the milkman is a lout and deserves to be flogged for watering down the milk. For Pisces, it is after all recession and the poor guy must be desperate for some cash! To wrap it up in a nutshell, the relationship is a mis-match of epic proportions. Hardly compatible!

ARIES SPEAK: “I don’t know why that fish is so passive! Is it a coward?”

PISCES SPEAK: “Well….it is a baby after all! Can’t be held accountable for its horrendous lack of maturity”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


The archer or Sag shares many qualities with the ram. They are both fire signs! They both are a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. And they both like to rush and fall often. In an Aries-Sag association, it is better to stock up those bandages! They might bump into everything in the house and then each other! But are they clumsy little sillies who just can’t keep their mouth shut? Far from the truth! Both Aries and Sagittarius are idealists. They want a utopian world. The Ram because in a perfect world they are sure to get precedence as they are perfect! And an archer because well, it is ruled by Jupiter and can’t help but crave for radical change and equality for all! A ram and an archer are perfect for each other. Animated conversationalists they love to espouse causes. Whether it is the Society for Orphans or the Nam Veterans Association you may find the Mars-Jupiter combo bouncing from one place to another spreading joy and cheer. A great compatible relationship! Way to go!

ARIES SPEAK: “The archer maybe painfully truthful. But I can’t help loving it!”

SAGITTARIUS SPEAK: “Headstrong and determined babies! They love the same things I do. Yesterday the ram went with me to the old people’s home and actually enjoyed it!”

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Now we are down to the higher signs of the elements. The Scorpio is a very evolved soul rapidly rushing towards salvation! The ram is the infant, just born into the mysteries of the universe. The ram thus can’t even begin to comprehend what the scorpion sees. And what it thinks of. After ages on the physical plane, the sad Scorpion is disillusioned. It sees things as it is. The good and the bad and the shades of grey! So an Aries seems quite shallow and frivolous to a Scorpio. If we come to the Ram, it finds the scorpion downright nasty sometimes! What’s up with the barbed tongue and the acid laced remarks? That too without being provoked! A ram will butt you only if you neglect it or attack it. Not a very naturally compatible association, but a lot of work can make it quite acceptable.

ARIES SPEAK: “Oh my! Oh my! That’s one nasty fellow! But that scorpion in all fairness has treated me okay. And it’s a dab hand at puzzles!”

SCORPIO SPEAK: “Reminds me of a lamb! Vulnerable!” ….. (Sorry Scorpions don’t speak much!)

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign

Taurus is the quintessential earth sign. Fixed, stubborn (though you may say they are decidedly bull headed!) and last but not the least very cautious and deliberate. You will rarely see the poised bull running from pillar to post. When agitated at the most they give a graceful flick of their long tails and get down to business- planning and analyzing. Is the relationship compatible? Let’s see!  So what happens when an Aries gets into a relationship with the Taurus? Well Taurus is flustered. But they can never really unleash the full brunt of their temper on Aries because the Taurus soul remembers being an Aries. Not that long ago. So even though the Aries baby can be definitely ill behaved at times, the Taurus mother can huff with impatience, give a tiny hidden smile and carry on with cleaning the stains from the wall. In a romantic relationship, an Aries may try its level best to woo the Taurus. But if they want to get anywhere, they will need to learn tact and take control of their wayward mouth! A Taurus NEVER forgets and will never forgive…even an Aries slight.

ARIES SPEAK: “These bulls are the picture of stubbornness. Why won’t they just accept it…we rams rule!”

TAURUS SPEAK: “These Aries signs test my patience to the limit. Why always go against the normal? It’s disturbing!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign


A Ram is a visceral creature. It acts first and thinks later. A virginal Virgo deliberates for days before doing anything. A Ram is always in a hurry and ends up generalizing everything. But a Virgo abhors an all-encompassing comment that doesn’t address anything. A Ram doesn’t care much about health matters but a Virgo even though very assiduous about health and maintenance may frequently complain of ill-health! They are the prime candidates for hypochondria. This is just tip of the ice berg and should give you a good idea of the diametrically opposite natures of these two sun signs. Not exactly compatible!

ARIES SPEAK: “I do not like the way the virgin keeps nit picking. But she cooks great. It’s comforting to have her around. If only she would stop that damn complaining!”

VIRGO SPEAK: “I hate the way these Aries souls keep rushing through things. They think being fast is real clever! But I know slow and steady wins the race!”

Picture image of an astrology zodiac sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign Picture image of a zodiac astrology sign