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Aries Relationships Compatibility

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Cancer Aries Relationship Compatibility

While Aries can feel smothered by family and friends, Cancer is more than willing to be there for these folks. Aries may unknowingly and selfishly accept the nurturing nature of Cancer and contribute nothing back to the relationship compatibility emotionally. Aries wants their independence, conflicting with the Cancer’s nature for intimacy and closeness. Cancer often regards the Aries as being selfish and indifferent and feels that they can teach them more about compassion whereas Aries sees Cancer as being overly needing and sensitive and that they could help them to be little more independent. There’s no doubt that tough times are ahead for these astrology signs because adjustments will need to be made. Both tend to have a lot of tension between them – life responses, habits and emotional needs are often at odds.

Cancer demands security and comfort, and because they are emotionally sympathetic, they want to be needed and are anxious about the independence that Aries seeks.  Cancer is seen as very sentimental and attached to traditions and family; Aries doesn’t care much for these things their demeanor is impatient and hasty, and they don’t mind being confrontational. Cancer is extremely sensitive to anything that threatens their emotional well-being and would rather be in a peaceful environment. People born under the Aries zodiac sign are often direct about their needs. Cancer, on the other hand, is indirect; always hoping their partner will get a feeling about how they feel and what they want. That’s generally not what happens though! Cancer tends to feel that the Aries is uncaring and selfish while Aries views the Cancer as being manipulative and too needy. There is no doubt that some adjustments are going to be made if this relationship compatibility is to last.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Cancer

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Aries Aries Relationship Compatibility

Aries are considered extremely independent people and hate the feeling of being owned by any person they don’t like being bossed around or dominated, meaning they will make their own decisions and give direction to their life. Aries respect each other’s autonomy, and the kind of relationship compatibility where both parties are always together is not the kind of alliance this sign likes. Of course, too much individualism is often found in this pairing – both parties having proud egos and don’t take criticism lightly. In fact, competition is often found in this partnership, and it can be very invigorating in small amounts. However, it can turn nasty quickly and one Aries is bound to be hurt. There’s already any in-between with the folks of this sign – they either respect each other a lot or hate each other.

Both individuals are assertive and highly self-sufficient in the emotional connection department. They can react with anger, positive action or compulsiveness whenever upset. It’s not uncommon for Aries to tone down or refute their feelings of addiction, faintness or destitution. They expect themselves to get out of whatever funk they are in, and they’re often impatient when it comes to the emotional needs of other people. This isn’t a bad thing when both parties feel good; but, should one feel down and vulnerable, they won’t get the comfort or support they need. The Aries have a competitive nature and love to play together in athletic activities. However, it can be easy enough for the two to antagonize each other, feeling more like rivals than friends and lovers. Both Aries will automatically want to take the lead but can’t handle compromising or taking orders. And, having two leaders in a relationship compatibility battle can be extremely trying.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Aries

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Taurus Aries Relationship Compatibility

Aries, when they become attached to an idea, feel like they need to act on it immediately. Taurus, on the other hand, wants to fully look at the idea and will react to the issue with a more practical attitude. When Aries takes a fall, the Taurus comes to them with the “I told you so” arrogance, which annoys the Aries and can be disastrous to their relationship compatibility. If the different approaches can be appreciated, Taurus can give Aries’ ideas constant dedication and dependability; to ensure they come full circle. Both astrology signs try adapting to one another’s styles in everyday events. The Taurus may not like the idea of going with Aries spontaneously but may join in on the fun if it’s satisfying for both. Both signs have their own unique rhythms. However, Aries is often quicker but not as steady and tenacious as the Taurus.

Aries loves challenges; they thrive on stimulation and action. Taurus, on the other hand, want domestic stability and security, putting down roots and growing emotionally attached somewhere. Aries loves change and can uproot with almost no notice if they feel something better is on the horizon and is viewed as expressive and volatile; Taurus is unemotional and calm. When the Aries becomes frustrated or impatient, the Taurus typically understands and is not fazed by their behavior. The Aries may actually crave a good fight to get some type of emotional reaction from Taurus. However, it’s the Taurus’ calming effect that can help heal the wound. Aries responds to any issue with action while the Taurus takes the wait and see approach or allows the relationship compatibility to recover all on its own.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Taurus

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Capricorn Aries Relationship Compatibility

Both signs are highly motivated folks when it comes to relationships and compatibility, Aries being personally creative and independent while Capricorn likes having a well-thought plan for success. Aries can feel caged by schedules and social norms; Capricorn works best when there is social order and hierarchy – military, large business, etc. and has a conservative nature, which can clash with the impulsivity of the Ram. Aries can provide Capricorn hope and encouragement while Capricorn can give Aries some organization and energy. There are significant differences in how they handle challenges, their usual feelings, the emotional tones and the emotional responses. For Aries, it’s their impatience; taking a stand against challenges and fight against it all. Capricorn will take a step back from everything to develop a strategy for dealing with the issues. This astrology sign also moderates any emotions and feelings the situation caused, caring more about what must be done about it.

Capricorn is regarded as controlled and careful, many times passive, when it comes to their feelings. Aries, however, is direct and impulsive and is regarded as egotistic and selfish and assumes they’re entitled to personal rewards for doing whatever. Capricorn doesn’t feel like they deserve things and getting their desires and feels hard work is a must to attain anything of value – regardless of what those things are. Aries always thinks “I can”; Capricorn has doubts, and this could be a real issue between them. On a positive note, the Capricorn can assist the Aries in getting some emotional objectivity when aggravating and trying issues, as Aries often takes things personally whereas Capricorn doesn’t. And, Aries can get the Capricorn to open up more to life’s spontaneous reactions. Both zodiac signs are emotionally autonomous and love time to themselves. When it comes to relationship compatibility Aries takes the react first then think about it later road. Capricorn is the exact opposite.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Capricorn

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Gemini Aries Relationship Compatibility

The Aries and Gemini relationship compatibility alliance love being active and are always moving. They’re the kind of astrology signs that live in the present and forget the past. Once an item is no longer useful, these people don’t mind letting it go and finding something else that is useful. Boredom is hated by these two. And, both have one common weakness – not being able to stick with something when that something is boring, or troublesome. Neither wants a clingy, needy partner because both enjoy their independence. When Gemini feels like talking about something, the Aries can become impatient with them, with a feeling that they’re beating a dead horse and not getting to the issue.

Aries is the impatient sign, and Gemini understands this and doesn’t depend on them to generate everyday conversation. If dealt with in a positive manner, the Gemini can give the Aries lots of perspectives. There is no doubt that this pairing become bored rather quickly, especially if nothing is happening in their lives. The pair loves action and can find themselves always moving. Projects are often started but dropped when too slow or too challenging. The issue is also seen with partnerships. Both signs don’t like emotional needs and dependency, and feel stifled by a partner who is clingy and has no understanding of “you” time. Aries and Gemini are quite compatible from a relationship point of view. However, Aries can be direct and to the point; Gemini would rather play around with issues. Aries want clear answers and Gemini is often unaware of that!

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Gemini

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Leo Aries Relationship Compatibility

Both signs are regarded as being self-motivating and independent – concerned more with their creative interests and don’t like the feeling of being owned by one another. Aries acts in a way that is typically socially inappropriate, and Leo is concerned with their appearances and how people will see them. Aries doesn’t really care for other’s opinions; Leo wants others’ approval. Both signs have a proud nature, meaning neither one wants to ride in the back of the relationship compatibility. There is a significant amount of harmony in the partnership but because of the spirit of the two, it can be a rather dramatic and loud alliance.

Both astrology signs want to believe in their personal strength, masking any feelings of neediness, weakness or inadequacy. Leo and Aries (more so with Aries) are extremely proud and independent, which means neither one wants to admit when they actually need some help. There is a secret that burns deep inside of them, which is to be the center of attention or to dominate. The only real problem is that both parties want to be this in the relationship. Still, the Aries and Leo have a strong respect from each other because of the individualism they have. They appreciate each other’s individuality. Now, so long as ego doesn’t hinder anything, compatibility between the parties is strong!

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Leo

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Libra Aries Relationship Compatibility

The general relationship compatibility difference between Libra and Aries is that Libra wants to look at an issue from both angles and consider each one carefully and wants to talk about ideas to other folks – getting their opinion because of their inability to make a definitive decision. Aries, on the other hand, will look at just one side and doesn’t care to hear what others have to say about it. If a partnership between these signs is to work, they must overcome this difference. Libra feels Aries is very selfish and a narcissist; Aries sees the Libra as being weak. Therefore, in order for a union to work, both astrology signs must give great respect to the other. Libra also tends to make more compromises than Aries. There is little room for doubt that these two signs are dramatically different but are drawn together because of qualities a partner has the other lacks.

Libra feels it needs a love partner – doesn’t feel whole without one. For that reason, they can instinctively know when to share and synchronize with other folks. Aries is the rather emphatic, self-assured type and can often disregard the needs of others they are the take charge kind and don’t mind being the leader. Libra is viewed as being the pairing’s compromiser. Libra likes to get others’ approval because they don’t have a powerful sense of who they are and where they are going, and they generally just follow their beloved around. Aries, on the other hand, doesn’t care too much for accommodating the wishes of their partner. And, when Libra wants some together time, Aries will often want to be left alone. Aries is impulsive and volatile, and can have fits of temper tantrums. Libra doesn’t like these outbursts and tries to avoid them whenever possible. When it comes to relationships and compatibility, Aries is often the troublemaker whereas Libra is seen as the good guy.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Libra

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Pisces Aries Relationship Compatibility

Aries takes a direct, definitive approach to things; but is often naïve more so than the fish. Therefore, the Pisces and Aries relationship compatibility balance each other out perfectly. It’s Pisces’ gentleness and sensitivity that the Aries depends on, providing them a place in the world that’s soothing… away from the competition world. Pisces admires Aries’ honesty and boldness and is a giver and can deny themselves a lot of things. Aries, however, is self-absorbed and can easily take advantage of the generosity that Pisces has. And, because Aries has the inability to be tactful, they can easily hurt the feelings of the fish. There is no doubt that the instinctive emotional responses and needs for these two astrology signs are very different, and because of that, they can rub one another the wrong way or cause them to take offence at things.

Aries has the kind of attitude that portrays them as a leader and active, which can be a bit abrasive to the Pisces whose demeanor is more passive and delicate. Aries has a direct and confrontational nature and feels aggravated by the over sensitive nature Pisces has. In fact, the Pisces would rather avoid conflicts. Aries has a desire to express their emotions – anger, hurt, etc. And, once they’ve released it, it can subside quickly. Pisces can feel hurt by the disruption in tranquility and has a desire to feel close to people – often dependent on people they love. The ram however, loves being independent and rely only on themselves. Pisces can adapt to change, and often has an unclear direction for themselves. Aries needs to be mindful not to try and control Pisces and take advantage of this giving and bending nature if they wish to have a happy and peaceful relationship compatibility.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Pisces

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Sagittarius Aries Relationship Compatibility

When it comes to the Sagittarius and Aries relationship compatibility, adventure and enthusiasm is the name of the game. Both parties can be themselves with each other – no reason to lower the energy one has. Both astrology signs can revitalize the strength in each other. While Aries can often compete or clash with other strong-willed folks, Sagittarius isn’t threatened and doesn’t back down. Each sign knows the other needs their space and freedom, and even when time is spent together, they never feel stifled together. Both are uncomfortable by dependence and emotional indigence. After all, these two zodiac signs, when showing emotions, are spontaneous.

Sagittarius uses a philosophical system to filter our personal proficiencies – some feelings are positive and okay; some feelings are negative and should be avoided. Aries is often annoyed with the “this is how you should feel” line. Sagittarius will often trying making Aries laugh to reduce that anger. Both signs want their personal freedom and some independence, and neither of them wants to feel owned by the other. Respect is certainly given to each other’s individuality and the ability to make their own choices. And, respect is also given to emotional honesty and impulsiveness.The relationship compatibility between these two signs is definitely seen on an emotional level. The Aries and Sagittarius love intellectually sparring. Due to the fire element in Moon signs, each sign is comfortable with each other in a private atmosphere.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Sagittarius

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Scorpio Aries Relationship Compatibility

Scorpios and Aries are rather passionate people, with a powerful desire to intensely live life. And, this is a trait that each sign loves about the other. The Aries and Scorpio combination means there is fire in the relationship compatibility and ferocious fighting is likely. Aries can let loose their anger and feelings, forgetting about it after a while. Scorpio, however, holds grudges and can be resentful for quite some time, but has the desire to feel emotionally and passionately bonded; Aries doesn’t have this need.

Both of these astrology signs have powerful emotional responses to the things and people around them but how they express it is vastly different. Aries’ personality is one of impatience and quick-firing anger. Scorpio’s personality type is to hold grudges about what is bothering them, never sharing their reasons why. This zodiac sign is also very complicated and can be secretive at times. When it comes to hating or loving someone or something, they do it all the way. And, because Aries takes a more direct approach to life, the sign doesn’t always understand the Scorpio’s feelings. Although there can be some significant conflicts in this relationship, both signs are drawn together compatibly because of their passion.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Scorpio

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Virgo Aries Relationship Compatibility

Both the Aries and Virgo astrology signs possess the honesty and unadorned truth virtues. And, Virgo can better handle the honest criticism Aries gives than vice versa. There can be some discomfort because of the differences in relationship compatibility makeup: Aries has no problem with throwing caution aside and going for things; Virgo worries when things are not dealt with. Aries takes the “act now” approach; Virgo likes to dwell on things before acting. Virgo is regarded as self-analytical, which can make Aries rather impatient. Virgo is also very giving, and doesn’t mind assisting Aries. If there is to be any harmony in the partnership, there needs to be some adjustments made. There is no doubt that each zodiac sign can learn from the other, and it’s the personality differences that attract each one to the other.

Some adjustments will need to be made to keep the harmony in the Aries/Virgo romantic attachment. After all, the emotional responses to certain things and personal habits can be extremely different and could rub salt in open wounds over time. Virgo tends to take the careful approach when looking at a situation before they move forward. Aries doesn’t mind diving in head first, dealing with the consequences later on and tend to have a fiery temper and can have an emotional outburst out of nowhere. Virgo, on the other hand, is sensitive and can become anxious by the boldness their partner displays. Virgo is a worrier, while Aries can dismiss their worries, never admitting their concerns or insecurities. Virgo is a perfectionist by nature – mistakes are the bane of their existence, and that means they are often critical of themselves as well as other people. Aries has no problem with taking chances on things never tried before; meaning mistakes are bound to happen in the relationship compatibility over time.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Virgo

Aquarius Aries Relationship Compatibility

Both the Aquarius and Aries are very independent and active people who take dynamic approaches to deal with any problem. A relationship compatibility union between these astrology signs is often spirited. Both are free-thinkers, and take pride in not following many of the generally held beliefs and values. Aries is concerned more with personal creativity than they are with social groups, not so Aquarius. There’s no doubt that these two value and admire each other. The emotions of an Aries are fiery; Aquarius is the opposite of that – impersonal and fair. When Aries’ rage or annoyance is provoked, it’s the Aquarius who can be logical… exasperatingly so.

Both members of this pairing are independent and want their freedom to go after their personal desires and interests without the partnership getting in the way. Both zodiac signs allow the other to be their individual selves while also being a couple. Aquarius hates the domineering ways of the Aries, wanting equality. Authority is not something they take lightly. When it comes to letting go of old things and trying something new, both signs can easily do this; traditions are set aside. There is no doubt that too much similarity in a relationship compatibility alliance can be a bad thing, and when it comes to the Aquarius and Aries faction, neither will readily compromise.

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Compatible Relationship Aries/Aquarius

Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol Image of an astrological horoscope symbol

Long Term Romance

Aries for your relationship compatibility to become serious, independent types suit you best. You have a tendency to get worn out by intimacy and close sharing, and a clingy or whiny partner can quickly zap your energy. You take things very personally, and you tend to get quite touchy and irritable. While you bring excitement into your partnership, you get bored quite easily. Your dynamic nature means that you can be expected to be committed and stay committed, providing that your true love doesn’t drive you away with possessiveness or boredom. The nice thing about your Aries optimism is that you will be optimistic about your relationship compatibility as well. You will not let the little difficulties that any couple can get into effect your long term romance.

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