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Aquarius Relationships Compatibility

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Cancer Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

The Cancer is far more attached to nostalgia, domestication and family than the Aquarius, who is extremely friendly but not so emotional about relationship compatibility and tends to have an expanded interest base and taste. The Cancer is overly emotional and attached to familiar settings; they love living in one location for long periods of time. However, the Aquarius tends to follow the direction that comes with changes and can make new friends quickly and doesn’t need the intimacy demand that Cancer yearns for, allowing them to easily adapt to new environments. Cancer is concerned about material and financial security; they worry when things are unstable. Cancer demands Aquarius give them some kind of emotional nurturing and bonding; but, this is something they are not able to do.

Both of these astrology signs are highly concerned about other people. However, it’s the Cancer who responds more to family and to folks in their immediate environment. The Aquarius takes a broader interest – concerned with human welfare around the world. They tend to choose friends, world involvement and social causes over the loyalty to their family. It can make the Cancer feel neglected by the attitude. There are other aspects that make this pair different: Cancer is emotionally attached and sentimental to their past. They crave known places and people along with security. Aquarius, however, demands excitement and is often regarded as rebellious. They don’t care for traditions and are indifferent to most of them. In fact, the Aquarius zodiac sign doesn’t mind making significant, unexpected changes to their relationship compatibility and lifestyle.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Cancer

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Aries Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Both signs are active and independent persons who can appreciate the progressive, forward-thinking, open-mindedness approaches to problems or circumstances. The relationship compatibility of this pair is often lively and highly strong-willed. Both parties have revolutionist’s ideas and take pride in the freedom of the many conventional beliefs and values that are circulating. Aries tends to be more worried than the Aquarius with the personal creativity and less involved with community and social groups. While two different folks, the rudimentary objectives and outlook in life for the pair are rather alike. After all, the primary elements in this compatible partnership include common interests, shared point of views and social activities.

The emotions of Aries are always hot-natured; Aquarius tends to be the cooler head of the two – usually more fair and impersonal. Whenever Aries’ anger and impatience ignites, Aquarius can be the level-headed one. Both astrology signs are equally active and independent, and want to have the freedom to go after their own personal interests and desires separate from the relationship. The pair allow for one another to be separate people and a couple at the same time. Aries is often bossy. However, Aries prefers to be considered an equal and doesn’t like the idea of being dominated. In fact, both signs struggle against authority. They love trying new things and letting go of the past to embrace new possibilities. They love the idea of going against tradition and conventional wisdom. A problem with the Aquarius-Aries relationship compatibility is that neither of them like to readily compromise.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Aries

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Taurus Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Taurus often takes the down-to-earth, practical approach for things in life while Aquarius leans more toward the progressive way of thinking. Therefore, the couple often differs on various matters – social and political issues along with tastes in music, art and reading material. Aquarius follows the modern trends and stays up-to-date on the happenings of the world and ever-changing styles. Taurus, on the other hand, wants to stay with the classics – with interests that change little as time passes and is more focused. While the difference in how the couple approach relationship compatibility is unlikely to cause major issues, it can be a little aggravating for them.

Taurus has a desire for stability and peace. They’re regarded as the creature of habit and don’t react well to change – regardless of where the change is happening in their lives. The old ways are perfectly fine for them. The Aquarius has the opposite desire – they love change and want excitement. They love the idea of trying new things. When it comes to customs and traditions, they’re rather indifferent about them. In fact, they’re usually rebellious at the idea. Many fights between the pair are often about this very issue. Aquarius loves rocking the boat; Taurus is not so much for it and is also possessive about their loved ones while Aquarius has the desire for independence even in committed and compatible relationships. Aquarius is also ideological and is very opinionated for things that defy natural wisdom and common sense; something Taurus cannot understand. However, the Taurus can assist the Aquarius to be more down to earth rather than constantly living in the moment.

Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Taurus

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Capricorn Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

This pair invests most of their time in work and career, meaning the talents and interests shared often complement one another. Both contribute equally to their relationship compatibility, Capricorn brings impartiality, dependability, level-headedness and persistence; Aquarius brings sensitivity to present issue, imagination, a raised awareness to intricacies and the ability to reach multiple folks. The problem for this partnership is that attention is given to things other than the liaison. Thus, it’s not uncommon for the two astrology signs to become distant from one another. There are some astrological factors that can give the alliance some emotional sensitivity, warmth and even some attraction.

Both of these zodiac signs often find themselves at odds with their emotional needs and attitudes. Aquarius’ independent nature often finds them rebuffing conventional wisdom, society and authority figures. They often want to get away from the tried and true methods and do something different. Capricorns often follow tradition and are usually cautious when getting involved with the unknown. They’re regarded as conservative and give respect to things that have been proven right. Even when philosophically liberal, they are still cautious by nature so they’re less likely to take a risk. The Aquarius loves their freedom and won’t ever fully be domesticated. Capricorn, however, loves the idea of commitment and won’t completely understand the free spirit of Aquarius. Both signs have a hard time showing their emotions within their relationship compatible or otherwise.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Capricorn

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Gemini Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Both signs are different folks with the same basic principles and ideas about relationship compatibility. The intellectual union between these two astrology signs is like no others. You feed off one another, easily bouncing ideas backward and forward. Both of you crave scholarly companionship, and with the coming together of the Aquarius and Gemini, this is the ideal partnership. The best part is you can be great friends along with being lovers. The Gemini-Aquarius relationship value their common interests, social activities and shared perspectives. Yes, all alliances have their challenges. However, these two zodiac signs allow the couple to use their connection to get over those pesky differences.

This pair needs understanding on the mental level to make things work with them. Both desire a person who loves sharing ideas, conversation and discoveries. The Aquarius may like or even love somebody but they need that emotional stimulation to keep the affinity going. Both are independent, airy and sometimes disconnected. Friendship can blossom into a romantic attachment, and it’s likely you’ll examine your emotions with each other. Both of you have an understanding about the attitude toward compatible relationships. When it comes to informal settings, you both feel comfortable with one another, and it’s because the personality traits are similar.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Gemini

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Leo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Leo’s warmth draws in the Aquarius; the Aquarius’ intelligence and individuality is what brings in the Leo. These astrology signs are extremely different: The Aquarius’ friends, associates and co-workers are most important to their life. However, Leo places more importance on personal relationships compatibility. And, this difference will be seen in the partnership. Leo sees the Aquarius as being aloof and Aquarius sees the Leo as being overdramatic and self-absorbed. While they’re opposites in several ways, the attitudes and perceptions of the two zodiac signs can be extremely beneficial.

Leo doesn’t like to be considered a follower – they love being the center of attention and appear special. They aren’t regarded as a team player because of their desire to stand out. Aquarius loves being a part of groups and the local community and loves the fellowship that comes with them – even if they’re not the center of attention. Leo desires control and being a totalitarian; but, the Aquarius wants their freedom and hates the controlling nature of the Leo. Aquarius doesn’t like the idea of being domesticated or obedient or even compatible within a relationship and is regarded as impartially fair and cool; Leo is regarded as being self-absorbed, loyal and extremely personal and is often hurt by the “treat everybody the same” feeling they get.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Leo

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Libra Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

These two signs are an extremely active pair – involved with the community, and in a job that provides them constant contact with the public. The relationship compatibility and harmony between the two makes them great friends. Aquarius loves being a part of social groups, clubs and more. Libra tends to regard the Aquarius as more friendship material than a lover or spouse. Libra is the astrology sign that devotes more attention to a close partnership, and the subtly may prove not to be a source of conflict or trouble. Both pairs live within their minds and want a partner that will bring them mentally alive. The good thing about this coupling is that this can occur with each other.

There is no extreme emotional tone to this romance. In fact, both signs look at their personal situation as a little detached. Due to common interests, the sharing of ideas and the intellectual pleasures, both signs are satisfied about their attachment. The pair often shares their ideas – usually in regards to how folks should relate to each other: equality, fairness, respect, etc. One of the subjects often discussed is open communication. The biggest difference between the Aquarius and Libra is their relationship compatibility ideas and feelings. Libras feel the need for romance and think they need a partner to make them whole. However, Aquarius doesn’t enjoy the emotional-dependence and neediness. On top of that, they have a rebellious nature that disregards conventional wisdom. Libra is all about social acceptance, social behaviour and good manners.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Libra

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Pisces Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

The Pisces and Aquarius tend to have open minds and are tolerant to new ideas, especially if they’re unconventional, for their relationship compatibility. The Aquarius is far more intellectual than the Pisces who tend to be ruled by their emotions and intuition. Pisces are often unable to articulate their feelings and values whereas the Aquarius can provide excellent reasoning to positions or opinions. Pisces is a sympathetic person, directly feeling other’s pains and needs. And, while Aquarius has the humanitarian outlook to life, they’re more concerned with ideals and principles than individuals and their plights and can separate emotions and provide objectivity. Pisces, on the other hand, cannot do this they crave intimacy and emotional closeness… more so than their Aquarius partner can often handle or even give. In fact, the Aquarius doesn’t like dependence or over-emotional folks.

The personalities of the two astrology signs vary significantly. Pisces is regarded as a pacifist, non-competitive and gentle by nature. They love the idea of getting away from everything for a time. Aquarius loves being involved with the world around them and wants to be “in the flow” of things. Pisces is emotionally and psychically sensitive – a sign with very deep feelings. Aquarius, on the other hand, comes across as rational and smart to circumstances and people. While they do have a strong humanitarian instinct within them, Aquarius doesn’t appear to have compassion… unlike Pisces, which people often take advantage of. Pisces often doesn’t like the cool and emotionally detached nature of the Aquarius, who tends to want intellectual stimulation instead of the showing of emotional compatibility that Pisces often displays within their relationship.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Pisces

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Sagittarius Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Both the Aquarius and Sagittarius have outgoing personalities and busy lifestyles that always keep them going. They both love the idea of meeting new folks and keeping on top of present-day news: literature, arts, music, politics, etc. Sagittarius is a little more philosophical than the Aquarius and love having some type of purpose or mission in their relationship compatibility. In fact, they’re usually prone to overly-hyped up visions and dreams. The only problem with this couple is that they’re neither of them are sentimental and are often detached. However, for them, this perfectly fine! Both astrology signs are fiercely independent, which is good because it means they have their space and freedom. While interests are a little different, they can blend together and create an interesting, entertaining and highly gratifying partnership.

The reason the Aquarius and Sagittarius pair work is that their inner attitudes and emotional needs are similar in nature. Each one is independent with a powerful desire to experience things that are unknown to them. Both can adapt to change fairly easily and often seek change when things get stale or there is no challenge. Neither the Sagittarius nor Aquarius like domestication – both would rather be involved with the world (a social circle). Both feel their personal respect and freedom and happiness are the most important parts in successful relationship compatibility and won’t tolerate being told what to do or any form of jealousy. Both zodiac signs like the unconventional styles, forsaking tradition just to do it.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Sagittarius

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Scorpio Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio folks tend to go with their gut instincts, whereas people of the Aquarius sign are regarded as idealistic and are often baffled by Scorpio’s powerful emotional responses, desires and illogical hates and loves. After all, Aquarius folks are more rational. Scorpio, however, can become fixated on a person and emotionally attached to their lover – the Aquarius remains aloof and distant and love having lots of friends and acquaintances, but doesn’t like the personal relationship compatibility that other signs do. For that reason, an emotional gap can exist between Scorpio and Aquarius that can be difficult to recover from. Both astrology signs don’t mind giving their opinions, and often are stubborn in it. In order for this partnership to work well, you must understand the differences and appreciate them.

The emotional needs of these two zodiac signs are extremely different, which can result in problems unless there is acceptance and understanding between you both. Since the Aquarius and Scorpio are fixated in their beliefs, they’re not always open to the idea of change unless it’s done on their terms. Scorpios demand emotional intimacy and closeness and, because of that, they can be extremely jealous and manipulative, trying to control other people’s feelings. Aquarius doesn’t like the idea of the possessiveness in Scorpios because of their fierce independence and because they let their emotions run wild, they can become obsessed with their desires. However, the Aquarius person is often indifferent when it comes to emotions and feelings. In fact, Aquarius might feel there is no comprehending the Scorpio’s intense emotional response to their relationship compatibility.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Scorpio

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Virgo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

These two astrology signs approach ideas and problems of relationship compatibility with differing viewpoints, but still have an excellent mental rapport with one another. Virgo is all about details and specializes in one area most times. Aquarius, on the other hand, takes a worldwide stance…not focusing on one thing in particular. Virgo is concerned with the exact presentation of plans, assisting the Aquarius with applying their ideas. The pair makes for a good team in pursuits that are intellectual or social in nature. The partnership of these two signs is often formal but they do provide each other with affection, warmth and romantic attraction.

The biggest difference between these two signs is that the Aquarius doesn’t like authority and rebuffs traditions. Aquarius has a real love for excitement and will try shaking things up. Virgo, on the other hand, is more careful in life… sticking with the path that’s been tried and proven, they wants order; Aquarius doesn’t mind when new things occur. Virgo is serious about self-improving themselves while the Aquarius wants to deal more with social improvement, and doesn’t care to handle matters that deal with their compatibility or relationship feelings.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Virgo

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Aquarius Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

The Aquarius same sign couple is highly active and outgoing – and if they live in an urban region, they’re not likely to be at home a lot. The couple tends to work in larger businesses and organizations. Both are progressive and stay on top of the latest development in art, politics and science. They share similar intellectual interests and have a great mental relationship compatibility that is important to them. It may appear that the couple has a friendly demeanor but the partnership may actually lack feeling and depth. Many Aquarius couples wonder if they’re actually lovers or friends.

Both Aquarius have no desire to be possessed; they crave their independence. Rebelliousness is part of the game with the couple of this astrology sign. Important to both is being a part of something that’s bigger than them – a group, association, etc. In fact, they often feel the need to be involved with a large social circle, if not the world. The Aquarius has a hard time accepting certain behaviors of others, especially if it doesn’t fall in line with what they believe. It’s even hard for them to accept their own emotions and reactions especially if it’s not fair and noble. Both parties tend to be out of touch with how they really feel, ignoring others’ plights. For that reason, people view the Aquarius as cold and distant. The Aquarius couple is often great friends and appreciates each other’s visions and beliefs. However, there’s often a lack of spark with the romantic side of the relationship compatibility.

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Compatible Relationship Aquarius/Aquarius

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Relationships Direction

Aquarius you need a strong sense of direction in your relationships compatibility. One of your greatest strengths is your ability to detach yourself from a given situation, take a bird’s eye view, and look at it from an original perspective free from the influence of others. You are willing and able to stir things up a bit when you are determined to enforce change within romantic relationships, but you also have a therapeutic calm as if to say to others that you have it all control. You are wise beyond your years when it comes to love compatibility, and the partner that suits you best is someone who is on the same level, or at least someone who values your insight.

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