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Best Aquarius Love Match

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Aquarius Romantic Relationships

When it comes to Aquarius love match and romantic relationships, you have this aloof air that lends itself to the curiosity and intrigue of others. The mystery this air of yours conveys is attractive to others. But if they expect you to commit to them by a certain timeframe, they might find your aloofness annoying. You have a tendency to feel claustrophobic in very needy, close, or demanding relationships. You are at your best when you are given considerable breathing space. You are very inquisitive by nature and like to have quite a bit of intellectual stimulation in your relationships. You are not exactly the flighty type, but you do not handle stagnation too well either.

Cancer Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Cancer astrology signs in love: this is a challenging love match combination for the very simple reason that your needs and approaches to matters of the heart are at odds with each other. Your Cancer partner longs for a very personal and committed relationship, while you, Aquarius, tend to view romantic relationships a lot like ordinary friendships. The initial magnetic pull you may feel towards each other is due to the “opposites attract” principle. You, Aquarius, are both charmingly quirky in your own way, but your quirkiness comes from being offbeat and direct, while your Cancer partner’s comes from their softness that is only evident when you are intimate with them.

As someone who wants security measures in place, your partner has a tendency to find your behavior unsettling. You wear your freedom on your sleeve, embracing most anything universally and impersonally – not the kind of attachment and intimacy that your lover craves. They find comfort in wrapping themselves around their partner’s, but this can be a bit stifling or restricting for you. You both have a lot to learn from each other, so in order to make this work, tolerance and a willingness to understand each other is key. While you can expect to make plenty of adjustments along the way, this love match relationship can work and can move in healthy directions.

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Match Love Aquarius/Cancer

Aries Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Aries astrology signs in love: This combination is one of mutual appreciation and respect. Both Aries and Aquarius are generally positive when it comes to a love match, so your relationship will almost always run on a positive note. You can be quite unpredictable in your ways of expressing love, and as someone who enjoys challenges and liveliness in any romantic relationship, your partner tends to appreciate your quirkiness more than other zodiac signs.

Your typical Aquarius unconventionality and aloofness is something which your Aries partner finds truly attractive, rather than off-putting. They find your aloofness somewhat of a challenge, and rise to this challenge. The only major difficulty here is that your partner has very variable desires, and your passions might not exactly meet and be off tangent at times. Aries is quick to become impatient. Not that this is a major problem. If you can agree on giving each other reasonable breathing space and some independence, you are more likely to respect and appreciate each other despite your differing moods.

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Match Love Aquarius/Aries

Taurus Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Taurus astrology signs in love: You are both very strong individuals with equally fervent ideas of what a love match should be like, and these ideas clash in a lot of ways. Your Taurus partner has a more traditional take on romantic relationships. They thrive on dependability and constancy with their partners.
You, Aquarius, on the other hand, are inclined to resist traveling down the beaten track and are driven to forge new pathways of your own. Your partner wants a comfortable, simple, and sensual love life and is quite content as long as his or her basic needs are met and can seem complacent, but you do not find comfort in a relationship that stays the same day in and day out. More so, a love match that seems like it’s not going anywhere.
Ideally, you should find common ground. But this will be easier said than done because both of you are stubborn in your own ways. The best option then, is lots of understanding, trying to learn from each other, or even looking at things in a different way: your partner can help remind you of how nice it is to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and he or she in turn can find your quirkiness fun and eclectic. The key here is mutual effort.

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Match Love Aquarius/Taurus

Capricorn Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Capricorn astrology signs in Love: an odd combination because of the fact that your sign is next-door-neighbor to your partners. According to astrology, next-door-neighbor signs usually find it difficult to locate common ground, but the intrigue and attraction stemming from the fact that you are very different from each other will be there. You both have an aloof air when it comes to a love match and romance, but your Capricorn partner’s exterior only hides their true, warmer, more earthy and more sensual core towards the object of their love. But with you, Aquarius, what you see is what you get!

You are somewhat genuinely detached when it comes to romantic relationships, and friendship is your primary goal, not commitment. You thrive on forming friendships and love sharing social activities with your mates, while your partner is more private and would rather spend quality one-on-one time with you than to spread their attention over you and other people in a social scene. Your Capricorn partner is also more possessive than you are. You will definitely give your lover lots of me-time, and this is a true gift that they will cherish. But if overdone, they can feel threatened by how detached you can get in your relationship and might feel that you don’t care enough.

For as long as they do not get this feeling, they will appreciate your gift of reasoning and your being able to see problems in unique ways and find enlightening solutions  to them. This romance can work with lots of love and mutual understanding, and the extent to which you would put in these efforts is up to you both.

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Match Love Aquarius/Capricorn

Gemini Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Gemini astrology signs in love: one of the easier love match pairings, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be able to enjoy each other, stimulate each other, and find common interests. You are both growth-oriented, love mental stimulation, and you both love to talk. More than most signs, you understand your Gemini partner’s many inconsistent tendencies. While others see it as flightiness, you see it as natural changeability, and you are fine with that. However, you are more stubborn than your partner.

Though definitely not predictable, you are not as flexible, and your partner’s moodiness might not sit well with you every now and then. But if the love between you is strong, your Gemini partner will be the one most likely to adjust and accommodate changes in the relationship. You both understand and place importance on space every now and then. Both of you are not the jealous types, and your love bond will be far from possessive. Cheerfulness, liveliness, and lots of activity characterize your romance. A creative combination indeed, your Gemini lover will keep things fresh while you keep him or her supported and grounded. Mutual admiration is rare, and this love match combination most likely has it.

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Match Love Aquarius/Gemini

Leo Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Leo astrology signs in love: An actual case of opposites attract, the signs Aquarius and Leo are literally opposite of each other in the zodiac. The love match attraction can be there mainly because of intrigue, but so will frustration at times. In astrology, signs that are opposite each other are an easier combination compared to side-by-side signs, as opposite zodiac signs work under a similar overall vibration. Your Venus being in Aquarius, this makes you most concerned about the greater good, while Leo puts primal importance on creative and personal self-expression. You express your romantic affections in a detached kind of way, while your partner is more involved, personal, and intense in his or her romantic dealings. This can frustrate your partner a lot. It’s either your Leo partner sees this as a challenge and rises to the occasion, or they take it that the love isn’t there and just walk away from the relationship entirely.

You are heavily objective while your partner is subjective. You both like to be special and “different,” but to your partner, “special” means being their number one individual in your eyes. Whereas to you, you want to be “different” and distinguishable in a group in which you belong. All this may get you wondering what attracted you to each other in the first place, but all these differences—being different from each other in the first place -- are the very reasons why you subconsciously are. You both have very different love styles and if you are willing to learn from each other, you might both discover what you tend to overdo, and learn to find balance from the other.

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Match Love Aquarius/Leo

Libra Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Libra astrology signs in love: Both of you highly value the exchange of ideas with your respective partner. This shared interest alone is enough to establish a big common ground in your love match relationship. Communication will be effortless and second nature between you two! However, some differences are also present: you, Aquarius, are more inclined to place friendships over romantic relationships, while Libra, once in a love match, places relationships first before friendships.

You are both very cooperative in a partnership, and this trait strengthens your romance as well as the respect you have for each other. More than other astrology signs, your Libra partner can easily understand and appreciate your air of indifference and aloofness. You, on the other hand, value peace and equality to the delight of your justice-loving partner. As both of you are very reasonable individuals, this can result in a very reasonable reunion. Of course, there will be conflicts along the way, but your partner’s responsiveness to reason and your ability to reason things out will definitely help in smoothing out any rough edges of your love match.

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Match Love Aquarius/Libra

Pisces Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Pisces astrology signs in love: though you are both very idealistic people and sharing a universal love for mankind, your combination is an unusual one because you have very different needs in a love match. You might love brainstorming together, and your Pisces partner has found quite a fascinating brain to “pick.” But sometimes, your partner has a tendency to back off because they are more moody and sensitive in romantic relationships than you are. They will happily go along with your neat Aquarius ideals and visions and enjoy your intellectual conversations, at the same time they are looking for a deeper connection. They place greater value on tender intimacy more than intellectual debater.

You, on the other hand, might find your partner more sensitive than what is reasonable for you. But if you are receptive, you can use your Pisces partner’s trait to your advantage, as they are more willing and able than most to infuse just enough inspiration, emotion, and imagination to your already creative and inventive mind. You Aquarius, can also help your partner discover their own creative wells and create something tangible out of it. While not similar on many levels, this combination has great match potential because, once you combine thought and feeling, you can be very productive together. You are both mature enough not to waste time arguing about petty things, and you are both willing to look for the best in each other. If you keep this up, your love match relationship will go far.

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Match Love Aquarius/Pisces

Sagittarius Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Sagittarius astrology signs in love: You both value growth, independence, and freedom in a love match. Because of this, you most likely will not be the type of couple who are “joined at the hip.” You both appreciate each other’s needs for individuality, and neither of you believe that a romantic relationship should stifle this important need. However, Aquarius, your partner’s approach to love may be more emotional and impulsive than yours; you have a calmer and less excitable approach to love. When your Sagittarius partner gets worked up about something, they plunge right in! And they might get the feeling like you are raining on their parade with your calm and collected demeanor.

For as long as your partner accepts and remembers that they tend to be more expressive than you are, and that they are naturally more immediate and emotionally charged than you, things are likely to be just fine between the two of you. You Aquarius tend to analyze a situation more before immersing yourself in the energy of the moment. If you can get past this minor incompatibility and take it as an opportunity to grow, your love partnership will have more chances at becoming even better. You are both very forward individuals, disinclined to fall in ruts or stifle each other, as many other couples do. This basic compatibility forms good groundwork for a solid yet exciting love match relationship.

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Match Love Aquarius/Sagittarius

Scorpio Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Scorpio astrology signs in love: indeed, one of the more challenging combinations! Of course, with a good love match, this can definitely work, but not without lots of acceptance and understanding thrown into the mixed. The intrigue between the two of you will be very strong. You are drawn in by your partner’s intensity and passion in whatever he does. Your natural talent is the ability to take a step back from lots of emotional issues in your relationship, but this is one of the hardest things to do for your Scorpio partner. At times this can be complementary, but also equally frustrating half the time. Your partner might not get why you are capable of detaching yourself from a situation, and maybe even question why you do so in the first place, as he or she might see it as a threat to your very love relationship.

You, Aquarius, on the other hand, might be baffled or shocked by your partner’s passionate romantic reactions towards you, as you think that getting too emotional about something can be counterproductive. You place high importance on objectivity and are proud of your ability to reason. You tend to your Scorpio partner’s more emotionally intense moments by giving them more space, when the opposite is what they want—more intimacy. This frustrates them, and they might see this as “stepping aside,” or worse, walking away and not caring enough about the relationship. With all these basic differences in values and character traits, this love match can be an occasionally stormy one, but exciting nevertheless. At the very least, you will admire each other’s strength of character.

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Match Love Aquarius/Scorpio

Virgo Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Virgo astrology signs in love: while you are both very intellectual individuals, you thrive on visions, opportunities, and possibilities. Your Virgo partner, on the other hand, is more occupied with how to make the relationship match work. Mentally speaking, you both have much to share with each other and enjoy meaningful conversations. However, you may not prefer to talk about the same things! Your partner believes that their needs are simple, and in many ways they may be, but to you they might seem unnecessarily complicated.
Your Virgo lover, being under the Earth sign, responds best to practical displays of affection like being attentive and physically present. An Aquarius who always runs off to see friends can make their partner feel a tad insecure, and at worst, decidedly unloved. But since you value this freedom to be wherever you want to be and hang out with different people each time, both of you will probably have to work on this area of your love match. Your partner has a huge need to feel appreciated. If they do not get this, they will feel like they have done, or are doing, something wrong. Assure your partner that he or she can loosen up and be their true selves when they are with you, and that you would appreciate them all the more.
The foreseeable issue here will be misunderstanding each other’s different love languages. This relationship match will require more effort to make it work than others, but once you achieve that mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s uniqueness, it will be all worth it in the end.

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Match Love Aquarius/Virgo

Aquarius Aquarius Love Match

Aquarius and Aquarius astrology signs in Love: Even if you have different personalities, your love styles and ideas about what a love match should be like are essentially the same. Being both Aquarians, you thrive in a partnership that is rich in social and mental interactions. You do not favor romantic relationships that are overly restrictive or very traditional. On the contrary, you are likely to give each other lots of freedom. In this instance when two people of the same signs come together in a romance, their strength lies in seeing eye-to-eye, while the weaknesses come from a lack of balance.

You may both find yourselves craving for sufficient intimacy as you both take a very intellectual approach to love. If there is no one who works on creating intimacy and emotional bonding, both of you will probably have to redefine the love match; or, this arrangement could suit you both just fine. Your union is characterized by lots of freedom and independence, probably considered by some to be unusual by those on the outside looking in.

One of the pitfalls in your alliance might be a lack of flexibility, because even if you give each other lots of freedom in the Aquarius way of expression and movement, you can both be quite stubborn in the mindsets you have set and habits you have formed. You are both very creative individuals, but because this love partnership is an intellectual one, your interactions have a tendency to lack spunk over time or seem to go dry. Just remember not to neglect the intimate side of your partnership, your liason will be an exciting and progressive one, and definitely unique.

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Match Love Aquarius/Aquarius

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